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Our monthly updates

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June release


Faster to-do handling

Perform bulk actions on to-dos, including date changes and dismissing. Move from one to-do to the next more easily. Learn more

Get 6Sense account information directly in Engage

Prioritize accounts in Engage and run signal-based prospecting playbooks using 6Sense account information. Ask your Gong admin to install the 6Sense integration. Learn more

Find the right contacts faster

Search and filter in the Contacts tab of the Account page. Learn more

Better understand reps’ prospecting activities

For managers of reps who generate and manage pipeline, use the account type filter in Engage Analytics to hone in on their activities. Learn more

Precise email scheduling

Choose the exact time you want emails to be set. Previously, scheduling was possible at 30-minute intervals. Learn more

Flow email limits reset at midnight

Reps who reach their daily flow email limit can start sending emails first thing in the morning. Learn more


Better deals / forecast flow

Access deal info and submit your numbers directly from your forecast board, eliminating the need to switch between forecast and deal boards. Learn more


Improved activity updating in Salesforce and HubSpot

To avoid a throttling issue in your CRM, activities are now set to update for a 3-month period. The period can be customized. Learn more

More accurate activity association

Customize how Gong associates activities to your CRM entities for more accurate activity association. Understand the association logic and test its accuracy. Learn more

Natterbox integration

Call, record and get Gong analytics on your Natterbox calls. Learn more

Set your own schedule for daily digest emails

Set the time of day you want to get daily activity digest emails from Gong. Learn more

Conversation Intelligence

Quick previews in the timeline

Find the moments you’re looking for by hovering over the timeline to see what was discussed. Learn more

More call information in the call page

See information for all call invitees, even if they don't actively participate. Learn more

Share calls right away

Save time by taking action on calls before they’re finished processing. Share, add to the library, and add to listen later. Learn more


Demandbase integration

Import contacts from Demandbase directly into your Gong Engage flows. Learn more

Help center

Redesigned help center

Our help center has been completely redesigned with a new landing page, easier navigation, enhanced search, and natural language search results and article summaries.


May 2024

Maximize your productivity with new features from Gong Engage

Gong Extension

The Gong extension integrates Gong Engage into reps’ Gmail inboxes and Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs to complete critical tasks across Gmail, Salesforce, and other tools. Use Gong’s AI to ask open-ended questions, receive insights about contacts, update CRM information, add to-dos, and add people to Gong Engage flows. Learn more

Advanced filtering in Accounts and People

With advanced filtering for all CRM field types, you can easily find the list of accounts or people you need, including filtering by CRM campaign object. Jump between saved filters to find the accounts or people you need faster. Learn more in Accounts, learn more in People

More from Engage

Export Engage notes to your CRM

Notes that you write for accounts, contacts and leads in Engage are now exported to Salesforce or HubSpot and are added to the relevant entity. You can set if and how notes should be exported in the Engage CRM setup page. Learn more

Submit regulatory documentation for UK numbers

As of July 29, 2024, regulatory documentation is required to get new UK business phone numbers. To keep existing UK numbers active, submit documentation by September 30, 2024. You can submit your documentation directly through Gong. Learn more

Simplified process of phone number provisioning

Improvements to Gong Connect settings make it easier for admins to view, search for, and assign phone numbers to team members. Learn more

Improvements in Engage Analytics

Use the new flow activity filter in the Activity and Performance tabs to see metrics for only flow-related activities. In Performance, click on the bounced deliveries metric to view the bounce reasons per rep and the bounced emails. Learn more

See the list of contacts and leads previously in a flow

While working on a flow, go to the People tab to see the list of people currently or previously in the flow. Learn more


Find your deals easily with new groups and filters

Group deals by Opportunity Record Type and filter them by any text included in your CRM text field (ex: Renewal deals in which "Account Notes" field contains the word "churn"). Learn more

Automatic deal updates

See what’s new in a deal at a glance with AI-powered deal updates based on recent conversations. Learn more


Ask anything about any account or deal

Ask anything and get AI-generated answers based on recent calls and emails with the selected account. Learn more


Submit your forecast numbers

You  can now submit your forecast on the go through the Gong mobile app and get an in-app reminder when it’s time to submit your forecast. Learn more


Call spotlight, now for internal calls

Review internal calls like training sessions and strategy discussions more quickly and effectively. Learn more

Smart trackers assigned to scorecards

Scorecard authors can now assign smart trackers to scorecard questions, which provide a suggested answer to the question using a snippet summary of the smart tracker. Create and manage scorecards

Summarized smart tracker results

Smart tracker results are now summarized and rephrased so you can more easily understand how the concept was referenced. Smart tracker summaries are available in the search page, Call page, Library, and Slack and email notifications. Learn more

Call spotlight, now for Japanese calls

Gain insights and save time when reviewing calls in Japanese. Learn more 

Call page redesign

Enjoy a better read-first experience, highlighting GenAI summaries, so you see what matters most at a glance. Learn more

Download call transcripts

Review transcripts offline, or share them with customers or your manager.  Learn more

Account details, right from the call page

Get a fuller understanding of a call’s business context by viewing account details right from the call page.  Learn more

Estimate tracker performance 

Understand how to best utilize your smart trackers by viewing their performance metrics - hit rate and accuracy - while building the smart tracker. Learn more

Improved smart tracker hit rate 

The new smart tracker model detects about 10% more snippets than before. To get improved results for existing smart trackers, perform another round of training and apply the new updated model. New trackers automatically get the new model. Learn more


Initiative board enhancement

With the new call category filter, it’s easier to hone in on the initiatives you want to track by filtering the board for a specific type of call. Learn more


Add partner content to Gong emails

Seamlessly integrate content into Gong emails sent via Engage by creating an integration using the new Gong JavaScript frontend SDK. Learn more

Add account information to Engage

Display your customer's account information directly in the Engage Account or Pipeline tab by setting up and iFrame integration. Learn more

April 2024

Ask anything

Ask anything - now for deals and accounts

Ask anything about a deal or account and get AI based answers based on recent conversations, without needing to manually sift through them. Now in Engage also. Learn more

Ask anything about any deal or account in mobile

Ask questions about a specific deal or account, and get AI-generated answers based on up to 80 emails and 10 calls. Now from the mobile app. Learn more

Ask anything about contacts

Find Ask anything about contacts wherever you view contacts. Learn more


Choose which team members can create personal flows and templates

Through permission profiles, admins can define which team members can create and use personal flows and templates in Engage. Team members without these permissions can only use company flows, company templates, and influencer templates. Learn more

Get in touch with prospects faster

For an automatic email that's the first step in a flow, you can set the email to go out as soon as possible. Choose whether you want it to be sent on business days only, or any day including weekends. Learn more

See your team members' to-dos

Managers now have better visibility into what their reps are working on. To see what a team member has on their plate, select their name under the To-do assignee filter and get a view-only version of their to-do list. Learn more

See how your reps' personal flows are performing

To see performance metrics for flows created by your reps, go to the Flows section of Engage Analytics and look for the Personal label. Hover over the label to see who created the flow. You can also use the Created by filter to see the flows that were created by a particular rep. Learn more

Conversations Call spotlight in more languages

Conversations in French-Canadian, Swedish and Danish now have Call spotlight too, saving more times for more teams.

For more about spotlight, see this

Deals and Forecast use your preferred currency

View and submit deals and forecast numbers using your preferred currency. All amounts are converted and displayed in your selected currency - from a single deal to all rollup amounts. Learn more

Webex integration

Support for setting dynamic links for Webex calls: You can now use Gong’s consent page with Webex calls set up using dynamic links. Learn more

March 2024


We are excited to introduce you to Gong’s new and improved navigation experience. We designed it to save you time browsing for elements, to maximize your screen space, and to give Gong a more intuitive layout. Learn more


Get reps to the right LinkedIn profile faster

Admins can set which field you use in your CRM for LinkedIn profiles of contacts and leads. Engage can use this field to provide reps with the correct profile right away when hovering over someone's name and clicking View LinkedIn profile. Learn more

Filter and sort your to-dos by prospect local time

Maximize response rates by reaching out to prospects when they're most likely to answer. Choose between morning hours, business hours, or set a specific time range. Learn more

Get next steps directly from follow-up to-dos

Expand a meeting follow-up to-do to see what the next steps are for you and your prospect or customer. Click on a timestamp to go straight to the part of the call where each next step was discussed. Learn more

Overdue steps and account metrics drill-downs in Engage Analytics

Drill down into account metrics in the Activity tab (Accounts added, Accounts in flow) to see which accounts each rep is working on through flows. Also in the Activity tab, use the Overdue steps drill-down for step details. Learn more

Deals and Forecast

Review business line forecasts in a centralized dashboard

Access strategic insights and key reports in our new analytics dashboards. Get all our key forecast reports in one place for a high-level view of each business line. This is a great place to start your sales leadership meetings. Learn more


Improved performance when exporting data to the CRM

We’ve revamped the process for exporting new sales engagement activities, such as emails and calls, to your CRM so that they appear in the CRM much faster than in the past.


Bulk update user settings

Save time by updating user settings for several team members at once by uploading a CSV file. Learn more

Gong data cloud

New in Snowflake

We've added the ability to export data from all telephony calls and the row_id to each table to enable future support of other data warehouses. For more details, see What's new in Gong Data Cloud.


Call spotlight now in email notifications

Understand what was covered in important calls at a glance, right from your inbox, with call spotlight in email notifications about:

  • New calls in streams

  • New calls that match saved filters

  • Calls shared with customers

  • Calls shared internally

For more about call spotlight, see this.

February 2024


Changes to Gong dialer recording options

Recording rep side of conversation only

We’ve added a new recording method so that you can record the rep side of the call only.

Learn more

Default recording methods per region

To enable you to easily comply with regulations in different countries and states, you can now set dialer recording methods per region. This includes setting different recording methods for different area codes in the USA. If you have already configured recording calls in specific area codes, those settings will be migrated and do not have to be set up again.


Manage your email from Engage

The new Email page in Engage gives you a complete view of any emails and drafts you create and send through the Gong email composer. Edit, schedule, and send emails, find out why an email failed, and see what was successfully delivered. Learn more

Get more flexibility with Engage flows

Now you can fine-tune your flows, even while they're active. Re-order, add, and delete steps while there are people in a flow and the changes will apply to future contacts and leads added to the flow. You can also send automatic emails according to a recipient’s local time, set automatic emails to send immediately, organize flow steps by days, and predefine email recipients. Learn more

See all to-dos related to a specific contact or lead

Get a quick overview of any to-dos related to a contact or lead, including to-dos owned by other reps. Hover over the person's name from anywhere in Engage, click View contact or View lead, and go to the To-dos tab to see what's open. You can also mark to-dos as complete from here. Learn more

New email metrics and people drill-downs in Engage Analytics

Drill down into people metrics in the Activity tab (People added, People in flow, and People activated) to get a full picture of the people reps are reaching out to. You can also explore new metrics in the Performance tab (People emailed, People replied, and Bounced) to understand how many people reps are interacting with and why any bounced emails were not delivered successfully. Learn more

Deals and Forecast

Roll up deals based on opportunity splits

We now support opportunity splits, meaning you can roll up pipeline in deal and forecast boards based on the relevant portion of the deal value. Learn more

Track all deals that involve your team members

We now support opportunity teams so you can see every deal people worked on in your deal and forecast boards. Learn more


Spotlight, now in call-related emails, too

AI-generated call spotlight is now part of the Call is ready email, for eligible calls, enabling people to know what went on in a call, right from their email. Learn more about call spotlight

Email notifications, now with summarized snippets

You’ll now see easier-to-read summarized snippets in email notifications that contain snippets of calls, making it easier to understand what went on in the calls, right from your inbox. Learn more about emails from Gong

Smart tracker setup improvement: Add up to 100 example sentences

Boost the accuracy of the next smart tracker you build by adding up to 100 example sentences during the initial model set up. Learn more about building smart trackers


Pause and resume mobile app recordings

In the Gong app, you can now hit pause and resume while recording. Learn more.

Call Spotlight available from the mobile app

Ask anything about a call and get AI-generated key information that you might otherwise miss without listening to a minute of the recording.

Spotlight is available for customer-facing web conference calls and outbound telephony calls in English. Learn more.

Rotate the screen on your iPad

The screen on your iPad can rotate so that you can see the Gong app in portrait or landscape mode.

Gong Data Cloud

New in Snowflake

The comments table now includes mentions and tags and the calls table now includes the source system. For more details, see What's new in Gong Data Cloud


Set custom tasks for Gong activities

Currently, Gong emails and Engage activities are given the task type of Other in Salesforce. Now you can set up custom task types for emails and Engage activities and set up different reports for each Gong activity. Once you have defined the task type in Salesforce, you must set the task type for the activity in the Salesforce integration settings page in Gong. Learn more

Automatic call outcome (AI) now exported to Salesforce tasks

Gong’s automatically generated call disposition can now be exported to Salesforce tasks. To see it in Salesforce, set up the Call Outcome (AI) custom field in Salesforce. Learn more

Gong for Salesforce version 2.31 released

For more details, seeWhat's new in Gong for Salesforce

January 2024


Register phone numbers as trusted so that prospects are more likely to answer your calls

You can now register your phone numbers as trusted numbers, reducing the likelihood that they are marked as spam and increasing the likelihood that prospects answer your calls. Learn about registering phone numbers

Sort your Engage accounts by CRM value

Focus on high-conversion potential accounts by sorting them according to numeric CRM values. Sort by CRM fields that are imported into Gong, including engagement/fit scores from third-party vendors you work with. Learn more

To-do notification: meeting booked and flow paused

This to-do notifies you when a meeting is booked with someone in a flow and automatically pauses the flow for that person. From this to-do you can resume the flow, pause the flow for everyone else in the account, or expand to get more information about the upcoming meeting. Learn more

New insights on rep activity in Engage Analytics

Easily track the number of people and accounts each of your team members are working on through flows. Go to Engage > Analytics and open the "Activity" tab to see a new table showing how many people and accounts reps have added to flows, and how many are currently in active flows. Learn more

ZoomInfo integration with Gong Engage

Export people as contacts and leads to Salesforce and add them to Gong Engage flows directly from ZoomInfo. Learn more

Engage email composer improvements

It's easier to turn out quality emails with these improvements:

  • Change the text and highlight color, or paste in text that's already formatted and it will maintain its formatting

  • Expand and collapse the formatting toolbar

  • Access templates and inspiration from inside the email body

Learn more

Deals & Forecast

AI-driven scores show deal health

See how likely each deal is to close in the expected quarter so your sales teams can forecast accurately, and focus on the right deals. By calculating over 300 factors every day, our AI model scores each deal relative to all deals in your pipeline, giving you an impartial and up-to-date opinion on the status of every deal. Learn more

Scores are available to Gong Forecast customers only.

Ask anything about a deal or account

Ask Gong's AI anything to get answers about recent conversations, without needing to manually sift through them. Learn more

Define multiple amount fields per forecast board

Customize the amount field for each forecast category (column) to enjoy greater flexibility in forecast boards. Monitor multiple business motions or enjoy a comprehensive tactical and strategic picture of a single motion by displaying multiple amount fields on one board. Use custom amounts in your forecast board

Group your deals for easy analysis

Organize your deal board by any attributes to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and prioritize your pipeline effectively. Learn how to group your deals


Send follow-up email directly from the call page

Follow up on meetings quickly by starting your follow-up email right from the call page. Copy and paste the text into your preferred channel, and edit as you like, to follow-up quickly with your customers. Learn more about the call page

Call brief in Slack stream notifications

See the call brief in Slack notifications when new calls are collected in your streams, so you know what went on in the call before even opening it in Gong.Learn more about streams

Auto Context

Adding context to calls when Gong isn’t connected to a CRM via Auto Context

If you haven't connected Gong to a CRM you can still benefit from many of Gong’s features that depend on CRM data by setting up Auto Context. With Auto Context, Gong creates accounts based on recorded calls, enabling additional features such as the activity timeline and account details. Learn about auto context


Save time with team settings

Update settings for an entire team at once directly from the new team member table. Update seats, data capture capabilities, languages and more. Learn about team settings


Automatic adjustment of size of batches in API calls

We now assess whether your Salesforce instance is at risk for throttling and automatically adjust the batch size of each API call we send to Salesforce. The batch size is displayed in the Salesforce integration page and is updated automatically when relevant. Learn about batch sizes

Salesforce formula field value now updated in Gong

In certain scenarios, such as when a formula includes an exchange rate or when it references a field in the same object, the value of the field is now updated in Gong when it changes in Salesforce. Learn about formula fields


G2 integration

Get indications of your prospects' buyer intent, such as product comparisons and product page views to get an idea of how likely the deal is to close, via Gong’s integration with G2. Get integration

Leadfeeder integration

Get details of prospects visits to your website directly into your Gong account so that you can prioritise high-intent prospects, via Gong’s integration with Leadfeeder. Get integration

Gong data cloud

New in Snowflake

The conversation_participants table now includes the speaker ID. For more details, see What's new in Gong Data Cloud.


December 2023


Get more out of Engage Analytics

Improvements to Engage Analytics include filtering flows and their metrics by assignee, creator, team, team members, dates, and more. See which flows are performing the best per metric by looking for the new crown icon. Also, you can now export Engage data for larger teams and time frames. Learn more

@Mention people in emails            

Bring attention to a teammate or contact within the body of an email using "@" followed by their name. The person you mention is automatically added as an email recipient. Learn more

Get key information from anywhere in Engage

Get all the quick details you need about a prospect or customer by hovering over their name. See their address and local time, digital interactions, and flow status, and contact them in a single click. Learn more

See the account an AI to-do is associated with

AI to-dos that belong to non-opportunity owners now show the accounts they're associated with, making it easier to get the context you need even when a to-do is not associated with a particular deal. Learn more

Deals & Forecast

Monitor how you're pacing with our new report

Track your yearly plan based on quarter-over-quarter performance and stay on top of the amount of pipeline you need to create to meet your target. Learn more

Easy filtering for focused pipeline inspections



Effortlessly slice and dice your deals to quickly find answers to critical business questions using our improved filtering experience. Learn more


Redaction in more languages

Prevent the recording of sensitive numbers such as credit cards and IDs with automatic redaction of sequences of digits. Now available in all of Gong’s hyper-optimized languages. Learn more

Call spotlight improvements for telephony calls

For outbound telephony calls, see the call outline and ask anything you want about the call. For inbound telephony calls, see the call brief and highlights. Learn more

See key points of a call, at a glance

Call spotlight now includes a 10-bullet summary of what was covered in the call, so it’s easier to understand and follow up. Learn more

Send follow-up email directly from the call page

Follow up on meetings quickly by starting your follow-up email, which includes an editable summary, right from the call page. Learn more

Improved Danish transcript

Thanks to new, in-house speech-to-text models, your Danish speaking teams have a smoother, more accurate reading and searching experience, one that's above industry standards. Learn more

Improved full-screen view for call recordings

Enjoy a better experience when watching call recordings thanks to improved full-screen video replay. Learn more

Call spotlight in calls shared with customers

Sharing full calls with customers? Now they’ll get call spotlight too, so they see what went on in the call, at a glance. Learn more

Spotlight's call brief in the Coaching Inbox and Metrics

See spotlight’s call brief in your Coaching Inbox and Coaching Metrics, so you know more about relevant calls at a glance. Learn more

Zoom integration

Changes to Gong bot Zoom recording

Due to changes in Zoom’s compliance requirements for recording calls with the Gong bot, approval for recording meetings is now given by the host when the meeting starts. To avoid hosts having to approve recording each call they attend and to enable recording calls when the host is not on the call, you can configure your Gong connection to Zoom to enable call recording to start automatically without approval by the host. For details of the changes to the Zoom integration settings see Set up Zoom recording with the Gong bot.


New meeting data exported to Salesforce

To add context to meetings exported to Salesforce, you can now see whether a meeting was canceled and the number of times a meeting was postponed. These are exported to custom fields which must be set up in Salesforce. Learn more

Create one task per activity in Salesforce

When choosing to create a single task for an activity, the task created now includes the account and opportunity details as well as the contact details. Previously, a single task was created for each contact, and additional tasks were created for the associated accounts and opportunities. Learn more

Gong for Salesforce version 2.30 now available

A new version of Gong for Salesforce has been released. For details, see  What's new in Gong for Salesforce

Gong data cloud

New in Snowflake

Records that were deleted in Gong are marked as deleted in Snowflake. For more details, see What’s new in Gong data cloud

November 2023

New AI to-do: No next meeting

Had a call with a prospect and didn’t schedule a next meeting? This AI to-do lets you know if there’s no meeting scheduled, so it’s easy for you to take action quickly.

Read more

Create one task per activity in Salesforce

To prevent generating multiple tasks for a single activity, when choosing to create a single task for an activity, the task created now includes the account and opportunity details as well as the contact details. Previously, a single task was created for each contact, and additional tasks were created for the associated accounts and opportunities.

Learn more

Automated creation of custom fields in Salesforce

To display enriched Gong data in your Salesforce tasks, we need to configure custom fields in various Salesforce objects. This can now be done automatically by installing the latest version of the Gong for Salesforce app.

Learn more

Call spotlight via API

We've added spotlight's call brief to the Slack notifications you get when colleagues share calls, so you get a quick understanding of what went on in the call before you even open it.

Initiative tracking improvements

It's easier to support and optimize initiative adoption on your teams with these improvements:

  • Customize the date range for initiative adoption tracking.

  • Track initiatives across several teams or team members.

  • See trends and adoption by team, all on the same page, for a clearer picture of how initiatives are being adopted over time.

For more about tracking your initiatives, see this.

And also:

  • Export Engage to-dos to Salesforce and HubSpot: You can now export details of your Engage tasks, LinkedIn messages and connection requests to Salesforce and HubSpot. Tasks are exported after they are marked as complete. For Salesforce, see Create Salesforce tasks for calls and emails. For HubSpot, see Export Engage data

  • New activity association report: To give you an overall picture of how your activities are associated with CRM objects, you can now generate an activity association report which lists your Gong activities together with the CRM deal, account, contact, and lead objects they were associated with in Gong. Learn more

  • Scorecard improvements It's easier to score and coach your teams for success with these improvements:

    • The overall score question is now optional, so you can remove it from a scorecard if you want.

    • Search for calls according to which scorecards were used with the new Scorecard name filter.

    • Read more about creating and managing scorecards here.

  • Improved Swedish transcript Thanks to new, in-house speech-to-text models, your Swedish speaking teams have a smoother, more accurate reading and searching experience that's above industry standards. Learn more

  • Call spotlight in more languages Teams who speak Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish now have call spotlight too! Read all about spotlight

  • See stats for really big teams View stats for teams of any size, from 2 team members to 20,000. Scorecards stats are still limited to 200 team members, but all other stats available from the Insights tab, everything from total call volume to interactivity and feedback, can be viewed for an unlimited number of users. Read more

  • Engage widget update: The Engage widget on your homepage displays a preview of your prospecting to-dos, so you can keep track of everything that's on your plate. Learn more.

  • Associate spontaneous meeting recordings with accounts/opportunities: You can now associate a face-to-face meeting recording with an account/opportunity even if the meeting isn't logged in your calendar. Read more.

  • New data available in Snowflake: Comments made on calls are now available in Snowflake. What's new in Gong Data Cloud

October 2023

Initiatives widget available from homepage

The initiatives widget on your homepage shows talk track adoption from the latest initiative board you visited, so you can keep track on who's adopting your sales initiatives and who is still catching up. Learn more

And also:

  • Ability to make and record calls with MS Teams Phone: You can now call, record and benefit from Gong’s analytics on calls made using Microsoft Teams Phone. For details on how to set up the integration, see Microsoft-Teams-Phone.

  • Customize session timeout: Set your organization's session timeout for SAML-based authentication so it suits your team. By default, session timeout is 30 minutes. Learn more

  • Call spotlight added to Utilization report: As part of seeing how team members use Gong, we’ve added metrics showing how many call spotlights team members viewed or performed an action on, such as asking a question. For more details, see Create utilization report.

  • Customize date range for initiative adoption tracking: Set any date range you want for analyzing initiative adoption rates, so you get exactly the data you need for supporting and optimizing your team. Learn more

  • Track initiatives across multiple teams and individuals: Get a fuller picture of how your strategic initiatives are being adopting by tracking initiatives across several teams and team members. Learn more

  • New search filter: Call Outcome (AI): Search for calls using the new Call Outcome (AI) filter, which enables you to find calls for coaching according to AI-based automatic dispositions. Learn more

  • Hide forecast boards: Forecast admins can now hide unneeded forecast boards when business needs change. No reminders are sent for hidden boards. Read more

  • Gong data cloud updates: Call transcripts and the call spotlight are now exported to Snowflake. Learn more

September 2023

Introducing Gong Engage

Say goodbye to ineffective spray-and-pray prospecting tactics, overwhelming manual tasks, and the burden of navigating multiple tools. Engage drives quality sales engagement at scale from the first touch to closed-won, all in one place.

Build stronger relationships from lead to close with complete account context

Gong Engage gives you all the context you need to get a full picture of your accounts and personalize outreach. In a single view, get AI-powered recommendations on whom to contact and see past activity with an account.

Increase productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance

The AI that powers Engage does more than just remind you when to follow up. It also gives you easy-to-scan call briefs, generates follow-up email drafts, and lets you rephrase in a click to get the tone you want.

Bring together your entire team and data into one solution

Without leaving Engage, you can explore prospect and customer interactions from 150+ integrations, update your CRM, and keep track of any important notes. You can also track reps’ activity and performance, spot coaching opportunities, and understand which prospecting flows are working well and which ones aren’t.

Learn more: Why use Gong Engage?

Team stats: New look and feel: The team stats page has a new look and added functionality to roll up stats to the team level, making it easier to dive into your team’s data and identify areas that need attention. Coming soon. Learn more

Forecasts for multiple business motions in one view: Get clarity on how different parts of your business are performing at a glance in an aggregated forecast board. Review and update numbers quickly or drill into each business line to get more context when needed. Find out how to set up an aggregated board.

New, customizable ‘CRM details’ tab: Review and update critical CRM fields when inspecting a deal or calling your number. Find the tab when drilling into a deal from your deal or forecast boards. More on this tab

And also:

  • Accurate rollups when the org user hierarchy changes: When users leave the company or become inactive, they are labeled ‘inactive’ while keeping attained revenues to prevent skewing company rollups. More

  • Accurate rollups for inactive users in historical periods: We’ve improved the logic behind showing people who move teams or leave the company to ensure accurate numbers in historical periods. More

  • New, customizable ‘Update CRM’ tab: Review and update critical CRM fields when inspecting a deal or calling your number. Find the tab when drilling into a deal from your deal or forecast boards. More

  • Forecasts for multiple business motions in one view: Get clarity on how different parts of your business are performing at a glance, in an aggregated forecast board. Review and update numbers quickly or drill into each business line to get more context when needed. More

  • Update your numbers automatically based on the underlying pipeline: Set the forecast category numbers to be filled automatically by the sum of all deals matching the filters. More

  • Support for more revenue roles: We now support forecasting by alternative opportunity owners, such as SEs or CSMs. More

  • Greater filtering flexibility with logic filters: Slice and dice your deals to accurately define your business motions. Use AND/OR/NOT logic conditions to filter deals in your deal & forecast boards. More

  • Improved Canadian French, Japanese and Hebrew transcripts: Thanks to our new, in-house speech-to-text models, teams who speak Canadian French, Japanese and Hebrew now have a smoother, more accurate reading and searching experience that's above industry standards. Learn more

  • Easier search: Find calls according to customer participants: Quickly find the calls you’re looking for using the Participants filter, which now includes customers who were on a call, as well as team members. Search for customer participants in the main navigation search, too. More about search

  • Call categories: New look and feel: We’ve updated the call category management area, so it's easier to use. Learn more

  • Showpad integration: See your Showpad engagement events in Gong to get a full picture of deal activity using Gong’s integration with Showpad. Showpad integration

  • Trumpet Integration: Add your Gong recordings to pods in Trumpet and get your pod analytics in Gong with Gong’s integration with Trumpet. Trumpet integration

  • Loxo Integration: Embed your Gong recordings in a Loxo minisite to share with prospects. Get Loxo analytics on when prospects visit your minisite with Gong’s integration with Loxo. Loxo integration

  • Initiatives widget available from homepage: The initiatives widget on your homepage shows talk track adoption from the latest initiative board you visited, so you can keep track on who's adopting your sales initiatives and who is still catching up.

  • Gong data cloud updates: We've added the following:

    • Ability to connect conversation participants with the relevant CRM contact.

    • Scorecard data now available.

    • Additional data in the CALLS table.

    For more details, see What’s new in Gong data cloud

August 2023

Save time with call spotlight

Review and follow-up on calls more quickly, without listening to a moment of the call. Get highlights, next steps, and an outline that enables you to jump to the parts that matter to you most. Ask anything about what was covered, and get quick, AI-generated answers. More about call spotlight

See real-time interaction and live transcripts with the improved Gong app for Zoom

Get Gong insights in real-time with the improved Gong app for Zoom. Course-correct with interaction stats, view the call transcript, collaborate with colleagues on the call, and take notes that are saved as comments and imported into Gong with the call. More about the Gong for Zoom app

New in the Gong data cloud

New Snowflake regions are now supported and forecast data is available for export to the Snowflake data warehouse. What's new in Gong Data Cloud

And also:

  • Easier search: Find calls according to customer participants: Quickly find the calls you’re looking for using the Participants filter, which now includes customers who were on a call, as well as team members. Search for customer participants in the main navigation search, too. More about search

  • Emails that bounced now marked in the Activity timeline: You can now know whether an email was successfully delivered or not, and avoid emailing that address again. Emails that weren’t delivered now include a label indicating why they bounced in the deal Activity timeline.

  • Export meetings not yet recorded: You can now export details of meetings that have not yet been recorded to Salesforce and HubSpot. The meeting details are then updated with the conference call details after the meeting takes place. For more details, see Create Salesforce tasks for calls and emails or Syncing calls to HubSpot.

  • Call summary now available in Salesforce and HubSpot: The call summary and call highlight are now displayed in Salesforce tasks, in the conversation object as part of Gong for Salesforce version 2.28, and in HubSpot records.

  • Glance into your future projection: Get a projection for future periods so you can estimate where you’ll land and give suitable guidance on your numbers. Learn more

  • Create one task per activity in Salesforce: In order to prevent data inflation in tasks, you can now choose to create one task for activities exported to Salesforce. Previously, a separate task was created for each participant in an activity. For more details, see Create Salesforce tasks for calls and emails

July 2023

Identify deals managed by 3rd parties

Get improved association for activities managed by partners, find those deals easily, and see your conversation with the 3rd party alongside their activities with buyers. Learn more

Action items, now in Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese

With automatic action items in Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese, reps who hold calls in these languages can focus more on their calls, and less on taking notes. To see call action items, click Points of Interest on the left side of a call page. Learn more, here.

Get suggestions for available integrations based on your tech-stack

To help make your customer interactions available in one place, we now give suggestions for tools that have integrations with Gong that you have not configured. The suggestions are based on your existing tech stack and can be found in Company Settings > Integrations

Coming soon: Take advantage of ready-to-use templates from industry experts

Give your team a head start with Gong's collection of templates from experts in the sales domain. They'll be available in your templates library, so your team can start applying and customizing them right away. Find out more about templates.

And also:

  • Review projected forecast when updating your number: See where you’ll land based on a previous timeframe, and use it to improve the accuracy of your forecast - about projection.

  • Integrate with Zoom on a user by user basis: The Zoom integration, including native Zoom recording and using the Zoom consent page can now be set up per user. For more details, see

  • New daily Gong email for AEs: Our new and improved daily Gong email for AEs recaps calls you had yesterday and gives you a heads-up for your upcoming calls, so you can better prepare for the day and land more opportunities.

  • New daily Gong email for FLMs: Our new daily Gong email for managers recaps your team's latest interactions with prospects and and gives you a heads-up on the calls they have today.

  • Produx AI Integration: Extract meaningful product insights from call transcripts, identify opportunities and areas of improvement from customer conversations with Gong’s integration with Produx AI.  Get the integration

  • Automatically populate your scheduling links in emails: Easily include your updated scheduling links in outgoing emails by adding scheduling link variables to email templates. For more details, see  Create and use email templates

  • See how your emails will look for recipients: Ensure your emails will look as intended when they land in your recipients' mailbox.  Get a preview while working on an email in the email composer, or while building a template in the templates library.

June 2023

Gong Engage is coming

Our newest product is the only sales engagement solution powered by customer interactions and the industry’s most accurate AI models. Engage will help you personalize engagement with account-based outreach from lead to close, increase rep productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance, and streamline team workflows in one place. Contact your account team to find out how to get started with Engage.

Save time with AI-generated call summaries for outbound telephony calls

See everything you need to know about prospecting calls at a glance with AI-generated call summaries. Get call outcome, next steps, a short summary, and prospect highlights, all without listening to a moment of the call. Learn more

Work in multiple currencies and roll up to a single currency

View deals, roll up your pipeline, and forecast in a single corporate currency, with the ability to edit deal amounts in the native currency.

Learn how to set up and work with multiple currencies here

Get CRM data in Snowflake as it was when the conversation occurred

n Snowflake, you can now get an accurate picture of your CRM data as it was when a call took place. You can use this data to understand how different behaviors help move a deal to the next stage, the time it takes close a deal, and the deal size. The fields_snapshot and mapped_fields_snapshot columns were added to the conversation_contexts table and contain the CRM fields and values that are imported to Gong. Currently, these fields contain call data only.

And also:

  • Staircase integration: Get your Gong conversations in Staircase, so that you have all your customer data in one place. Staircase integration

  • Rattle integration: Get insights on your Gong calls, such as meeting summaries, next steps and coaching notes directly in Slack by integrating Gong with Rattle. Rattle integration

  • Accurate rollups when the the org user hierarchy changes: Full support for when anyone joins, moves teams, or leaves the company, enabling you to easily stay on top of changes that affect forecast rollups and team attributions. Learn more

  • Trim a call: Trim out parts of a call that you own to remove small talk or sensitive parts that you don’t want accessible to others. Learn more

  • Admin control to update CRM fields while forecasting: Make changes that sync back to your CRM when updating your number. Board admins can now determine which fields can be updated in the board settings. Learn more

  • Autofill forecast amounts based on deals in category filters: Board admins can now set the forecast category updates to be filled automatically by the sum of all deals matching the filters. Learn more

  • Export your telephony system calls to Salesforce and HubSpot: When prospecting both via Engage or with a 3rd party tool, you can now export data about call attempts or successful calls made using a telephony call system to Salesforce and HubSpot. The call disposition is also exported, so that you can monitor your activity when prospecting for customers. Learn more

  • OpTonal integration: You can now get insights into pitch accuracy and uncover new objections by using Gong's integration with OpTonal. OpTonal integration

  • Aligned integration: You can now embed Gong calls into your Aligned workspace for each customer by using Gong's integration with Aligned. Aligned integration

  • Clozd integration: Get more insights into why deals are won or lost with Gong's integration with Clozd. Clozd integration

  • Unleash integration: Search Gong calls, transcripts and folders using Gong's integration with Unleash. Unleash integration

  • Gondola integration: You can now get CRM suggestions and call summaries by using Gong's integration with Gondola. Gondola integration

May 2023

Analyze Gong data in your own data warehouse

Teams in your company who do not have a Gong license can now use Gong data to answer a variety of business-specific questions, combine Gong data with other data sources and provide insights to different stakeholders using BI tools. The Gong Data Cloud makes Gong data directly available in your Snowflake account, in minutes. For details on how to set up the integration, see Integrate Snowflake with Gong. For details on how to leverage Gong data in your BI tools see our Cookbook

See accurate forecast trends even when the team changes

The history shown in the Forecast > Trends tab is now adjusted according to people joining or leaving the team during the period. Analyze: Monitor forecast trends.

New clean view in Engage Hub

Manage your to-do list based on the way you like to work. Now you can see all of your to-dos in one list, sorted by nearest due date. Learn more about Engage Hub

Track engagement events in one centralized list

See how people from across your accounts interacted with your content over the last 14 days. Gauge signs of interest and choose the right moment for a follow-up. Learn more

Integrate Gong with Dynamics 365

Integrate with Dynamics 365 so that we can display your CRM data together with your Gong activities. You will also be able to see all your customer interactions and trends in your pipeline, get warnings on deals that are at risk, and assess your forecast based on real data. For more details, see Connect Dynamics 365 to Gong

Improve smart tracker accuracy

Make your smart trackers even more accurate by training them after publishing. Learn more

Monitor forecast accuracy and make your numbers more accurate

Manager of managers and Revenue Ops: Leverage a new data point when reviewing forecast numbers.

Frontline managers: Review your team's accuracy to know where and how to coach for greater accuracy.

Analyze: Monitor forecast accuracy

Integrate any CRM via the CRM API

Make CRM data available in Gong for CRMs that do not have a native integration with Gong, using the CRM API. This will display your CRM data together with your Gong activities. Your teams will be able to see all your customer interactions, trends in your pipeline, get warnings on deals that are at risk, and assess your forecast based on real data. Learn more

Translate transcripts into English

Gain insights into calls that take place in hyper-optimized languages include French, German and Spanish with automatic transcript translations into English. Ideal for coaching and collaboration in your multi-language teams.

Export your telephony system calls in Salesforce and HubSpotExport your telephony system calls in Salesforce and HubSpot

When prospecting both via Engage or with a 3rd party tool, you can now export data about call attempts or successful calls made using a telephony call system to Salesforce and HubSpot. The call disposition is also exported, so that you can monitor your activity when prospecting for customers. To set this up for Salesforce: Create Salesforce tasks for calls and emails. To set this up for HubSpot: Sync calls and meetings to HubSpot

Make your email templates more scalable with better variables

Create your own variables based on imported CRM fields, allowing you and your team to personalize emails quickly and easily. Learn more

And also:

  • VanillaSoft integration: You can now import calls made from the VanillaSoft Dialer so that your telephony system calls will appear together with all other customer communications using Gong's integration with VanillaSoft. VanillaSoft integration

  • Zelta integration: You can now get actionable insights into feature requests from your customer calls by using gong's integration with Zelta. Zelta integration

  • See your pipeline at a glance: See how much pipeline you have in open deals, and how much is at risk.  More on the homepage.

  • Manage all your trackers in one place: Manage keyword trackers and smart trackers in one place: Company Settings > Trackers. From here, you can create new smart trackers and keyword trackers, and filter through existing ones according to tracker type, status, language and more. Read more about trackers

  • Gong for Salesforce version 2.27 now available: We have release a new version for Gong for Salesforce. What's new in Gong for Salesforce

April 2023

See your forecast position from the homepage

Always stay on top of your forecast with a quick view of your target, gap to target, and coverage, as well as a handy shortcut to update your number. Find out about the homepage

See how you'll close the month or quarter

Forecast more accurately knowing where you'll land based on actual sales, weighted pipeline, and expected deals calculated from your historical data. Learn more

New recording assistant email address

Using the Gong assistant ([email protected]) to record meetings manually? Starting April 17, your company will have a unique, company-specific Gong assistant email address. Contact your admin to get your new address. The old one will continue to work through July 2023. Learn more

Use HubSpot as a data hub for all communication

You can now use HubSpot as a data hub for all your customer communications by exporting your emails to HubSpot. In the HubSpot Integration page, you can configure whether to only export emails written using the Gong email composer or all emails in your system, as well as choosing which teams’ emails to export. Learn more

And also:

  • Customize your company pre-call emails: Make it easier for prospects and customers to recognize your pre-call emails with more customization options: Add your company logo and customize the text. Read more

  • Using multiple instance of Gong? You can now switch between them easily, directly from your main account. Learn more

March 2023

Keep Forecast accurate when the team changes

We now support target attainment allocation for people moving between teams or leaving the company (even mid-cycle/period). New labels next to avatars indicate inactive users and anyone who is new to the team or moved between teams in both the Forecast and Progress tabs.

Analyze: Drill into your forecast numbers

Improved Italian transcripts

Thanks to our new, in-house speech-to-text model, your Italian-speaking teams now have a smoother, more accurate reading and searching experience; one that's above industry standards.

Learn more

Get the right people engaged in your deal

You may need to reach out to more contacts in order to move your deal forward. Gong now provides recommendations for contacts who may be missing from the deal. See the recommended contacts in the CONTACTS tab of the deal panel (click Contacts column in Deals > Pipeline). Gong has partnered with Apollo, Cognism, and LeadIQ to provide email and phone details for the recommended contacts. Learn more

Improved experience for seeing contacts engaged in your deals

You can now easily see how many prospect contacts are actively engaged in your deal in the new Contacts column in Deals > Pipeline. The Contacts column displays the number of people who engaged in the deal in the last 21 days. Learn more

Update deals in Gong and we'll sync to HubSpot

Update deal fields directly in your deal board as you inspect your deals. They'll automatically sync to your CRM, meaning you maintain immaculate CRM hygiene, and your deal-forecast reports will reflect exact deal data and yield accurate numbers.Check out the Edit values in the board section in Use deal boards.

See how your employees benefit from Gong

We’ve improved the Usage report to give you a more detailed picture of how your employees use Gong in their day to day work. We changed the name of the report to the Utilization report and it includes an option to generate a summarized or a detailed report. The summarized report gives you an overall picture of how your company benefits from its Gong seats, while the detailed report shows how your employees are using all different areas of Gong. Learn more

Improved red flag warnings

We've improved the accuracy of red flag warnings so that they do a better job flagging when deals may be going south. We've improved the underlying AI model, relabelled emails from real deals, and enabled more types of red flags, including delay, frustration and anger. Learn more

February 2023

Track your team’s email responsiveness

Get real data on your team’s email activity and responsiveness in the new Responsiveness tab on the Insights > Team page. Here you can see your team’s response rate and who in your team responds promptly to emails. Identify coaching opportunities so you can get better win rates. Learn more

Improved usability in our new Home page

It's now easier to locate calls and places in deal conversations that need attention:

  • Find your recent and saved calls with handy quick actions in the Conversations area.

  • Easily review items needing attention in the Collaboration area.

Find out exactly what changed

Forecast for custom dates and amounts

Tailor your forecasting process to each line of business by picking a custom deal date and/or amount per forecast board. For example, your sales teams can forecast according to deal close dates and total ARR, while your renewal/CS teams can forecast for renewal dates and renewal ARR.Date and amount fields are imported from your CRM. Learn more

Connect multiple telephony systems

We now support connecting more than one instance of the same telephony system provider in your Gong account - find out what telephony systems we support.We also updated & improved the look of the telephony system settings area.

Exclude import of emails to and from public domains

You can now make sure Gong doesn't import any email sent to or received from an address with a public domain, such as gmail.com, hotmail.com, and so on.

And also:

  • Forecasting and pipeline reviews improved for HubSpot users: HubSpot data such as deals, companies, and contacts are now imported to Gong more quickly and accurately, making it easier to use Forecast and pipeline management.

  • Mixmax integration: You can now import calls made from the Mixmax Dialer so that your telephony system calls will appear together with all other customer communications using Gong's integration with Mixmax. Learn more

  • Dock Integration: You can now share Gong calls in a Dock workspace to keep your customers and sales reps aligned using Gong's integration with Dock. Learn more

  • New navigation for forecast progress: The forecast tab is now named Forecast updates to better reflect the new capabilities in Forecast. The Progress tab is now named Trends, and the graph which displays changes in the forecast category now has its own Changes tab. Learn more

  • Improved forecast trend graph: See which deals are moving through your pipeline. Now you can click on the trends graph to view which deals are in each forecast category for each week in the selected time period. Learn more

January 2023

Track your team’s email responsiveness

Get real data on your team’s email activity and responsiveness in the new Responsiveness tab on the Insights > Team page. Here you can see your team’s response rate and who in your team responds promptly to emails. Identify coaching opportunities so you can get better win rates. Learn more

Forecast for each line of business

Gong Forecast now support multiple forecast boards so you can create forecast boards for different businesses or geographies to separate your line of business forecasts. Use multiple filters to better break down deals shown per forecast category to include only the relevant deals per board. Learn more

Get your CRM data in Gong in minutes

We have significantly improved the process for syncing your CRM data with Gong, so that in most cases, instead of taking several hours, it will now take less than 30 minutes. Learn more

Improved Portuguese and Dutch transcripts

Thanks to our new, in-house speech-to-text model, your Portuguese (Brazil) and Dutch-speaking teams now have a smoother, more accurate reading and searching experience, one that's above industry standards. Read more

New assist: No next meeting

Had a call with a prospect and didn’t schedule a next meeting? We’ve got your back! The no next meeting assist lets you know if there’s no meeting scheduled, so it’s easy for you to take action quickly. Find out more

Get daily Slack notifications about open assists

Stay on top of your to-do list with Slack notifications about open assists from the past 24 hours. Learn more

Meeting follow-up assist: Now for non-recorded meetings, too

The meeting follow-up assist reminds you to keep the conversation moving, even after meetings that aren't recorded. It'll provide you with suggested email text so you can follow up with your prospects quickly and easily. Get more info

Filter deals by opportunity record type

Filter deal boards and forecasts by opportunity record type, so it’s easier to hone in on the deals you want, according to specific lines of business. Learn more about deal boards

Set non-currency numbers as amounts in deal boards

Sum up the value of deals in a deal board according to numeric values that aren’t currencies. For example, calculate according to the number of seats, units, subscriptions, and more. Learn more about deal boards

Export forecast numbers - improvements

For revenue team members, we improved the CSV export. The exported forecast now contains consolidated notes on different months in auto-calculated quarters, shows end-of-month numbers for closed-won and open deals, and a new column showing the period and the year. Read all about it

And also:

  • Choose the HubSpot object to export calls to: If you sync your calendar meetings to HubSpot you may get duplicate meeting objects when you export your Gong calls as meetings. To avoid this duplication, you can now choose to export your calls as a note or a call in HubSpot. Learn more

  • Choose which CRM fields you see when you filter calls: When searching for specific calls, you can now customize which CRM fields you see in the results. Learn more about filtering for calls

  • More ways to get smart tracker data: Using smart trackers to identify when concepts are discussed in your calls? You can now view results via the Calls API, and download them in the call CSV. More about smart trackers

  • Get smart tracker data in Gong for Salesforce: For a deeper understanding of how smart tracker mentions affect your Salesforce opportunities, smart tracker data is now exported in the Gong for Salesforce app. This does not require upgrading the app. Learn more

  • Update your CRM while listening to a call: Save time updating your CRM with quick access directly from any call page. Take down any important details without having to open up another tab or window. Learn more

  • Getware integration: You can now get product insights from your sales calls by using Gong's integration with Getware. Learn more

  • Fabius integration: You can now analyze your Gong recordings to identify cases where your reps conversations don't align with your sales methodology, by using Gong's integration with Fabius. Learn more

  • Consent page: Protected static links transition period: Tech admins can now set up a transition period of 90 days to ensure existing meetings aren't affected when moving to protected static links. More on this

  • Track important metrics in Progress: To get a more complete picture of what's actually happening when monitoring your forecast progress, the Progress tab now includes the current status of your team’s target attainment, coverage, and forecast. Learn more



December 2021

Assists Daily Digest

Assists now includes a  Daily Digest. You'll get email and mobile notification with a summary of all your outstanding assists. You can select which digests you want to receive in My Notifications under your profile.

Admin usage report

You can now download a report with data on how people in your organization are using Gong in order to track adoption and usage. Easily export the usage data to CSV, and analyze license use and who's doing what in Gong.  Read all about it.

And also:

  • Zoom app

    • Bookmark a point - Bookmarking a point in a call lets you save important moments in your recording to review later.

    • Comments on calls that weren't recorded - Your comments are now saved in Gong even when recording was disabled for a call.

  • Privacy policy improvements in the pre-call email - You can now add a link to your privacy policy in the pre-call email, and send yourself a copy to see what the email looks like.  Learn how to add your privacy policy to the pre-call email.

  • Calls shared with customers - When sharing a call with customers, only you and your managers can see Shares & Views info.  Learn all about share.

  • Streams filtered by comments - You can now create a stream based on the comments filter.  Islands in the stream.

  • New languages - We've added support for Danish, Afrikaans, and Thai. See  here for a list of all supported languages.

November 2021

Dynamic consent page links

Dynamic links, which provide improved security, are available when using the Gong calendar add-in and with an integration using the web conferencing system's API. Dial-in info is also added to the meeting invite when using dynamic links so that participants can still give their consent when dialing in to the meeting.

Learn more:  About the Gong consent pageConsent page link typesEnable the Gong Consent page.

Voice identifier

Our new voice identifier helps us better identify who speak on mono telephony calls by leveraging a small sample of voice recordings per user.

Turn on voice identification for your org and have  individuals opt in to have them identified.

Filter deal boards by custom range

Select custom date ranges to filter your deal board, and unlock the reality of your pipeline with a more granular view of your pipeline. Learn more here.

And also:

  • Search for field name when managing CRM fields - You can now search for a specific CRM field by name per object. Learn how for Salesforce & HubSpot.

  • Consent page PMI links now auto-associated for Webex - All Webex personal meeting room links are now automatically associated with the personal Gong consent page links. Learn more.

  • Change processed call language - Tech admins can now change the language that a call was processed in.

October 2021

Email response assist

If you want to keep your deals moving forward it's important that you get back to your prospects quickly when they email you. The  Keep the conversation going Assists will help you make sure to never miss an important email.

You'll only get assists for emails that warrant a response, so don't worry about getting spammed.

Learn more about About Gong Engage (previously Assist)


Gong automatically finds calls based on your chosen criteria so you can build a library tailored to your team’s needs that's always up-to-date.

Streams can be one-size-fits all, or personalized - one stream where everybody sees their own filter-matching calls. Learn about streams

Deal Insights

Are you ready for 5 new metrics that'll help you understand what impacts your win rate? You can now gather insights based on power in deal, deal duration, deal size ($$$), number of calls, and competitor mentions. I want the sauce

External call views

Shareable links are a great way to share your call, but until now you wouldn't know who or how many people viewed the link. Now you can require viewers to identify themselves before they listen to a call you share with a shareable link. You'll also be able to see how many times each person viewed the call and what parts of the call they listened to.

Tech admins can enforce a company policy that requires viewer identification.

More options in feedback flow

Track who has given and requested feedback in the call page's new FEEDBACK panel. We also expanded who can get feedback on a call, so now managers can give feedback to anyone on their team who was on a call in comments or by marking as feedback given.

Mobile scorecards

Listen to your reps' calls on the go and want to score them then and there? Scorecards are now available in our mobile app. Hurray! Learn more in Listen to a call on your mobile

Clari & Gong integration

You can now open an account in Clari from the Deals page, Account page, and call page. Open the account in a 3rd party app. See also our article on the Clari integration.

Ambition & Gong integration

Get added visibility into performance insights with context from rep conversations in your management workflow. Go to our article on the Ambition integration.

EverAfter & Gong integration

Now you can share Gong recordings with your customers seamlessly, enabling you to better manage your meetings by incorporating agenda items, summaries, documents, and meeting recordings all in one place. Learn more about our EverAfter integration.

Manage connected integrations

Manage all your connected integrations in one place - look for Connected Integrations on your company settings page.

And also:

  • Filter by string fields - We now support filtering deal boards by CRM string fields (Salesforce and HubSpot only) - Add as a filter when creating or editing the board.

  • Deals - search by account name - You can now search for a specific deal in your board - inspect a specific deal without leaving the page - Pipeline review: Use deal boards

  • Edit call owner - Admins and the current call owner can now change the call owner on the call page. This is especially useful when sales dev set up calls on behalf of account executives. You don't own me

  • Extend call share - We made it easier to extend access to calls by enabling you to extend the time from the call page. Share a call

September 2021

We skipped a release to make the following one even better.

August 2021

Edit deal board fields

Update deal fields directly in your deal board as you inspect your deals. They'll automatically sync to your CRM, meaning you maintain immaculate CRM hygiene, and your deal-forecast reports will reflect exact deal data and yield accurate numbers. Check out the Edit the board section in Pipeline review: Use deal boards.

Note: Only Salesforce CRMs are supported right now.

Gong Connect (Open beta: available for iOS only)

Bring mobile calls into Gong, and leverage more data for deals & coaching in Gong! Gong Connect, the service that lets you make recorded calls via the Gong mobile app is now available for iOS devices (Android will follow!)

Don't call them from the treadmill

Enhancements when using our consent page

Subscription to coaching metrics mail

Get coaching metrics including coaching activity directly in your inbox - for any team. Useful for leadership/enablement to track team coaching, and for reps to check their ranking.

Learn how to sign up: Coaching for senior managers & enablement

Deal Drivers

Managers, focus your coaching on your rep's most desirable skill - deal management. Learn more at Analyze: Understand what drives deals.

  • Filter by time range - Find more accurate and representative coaching opportunities by filtering Deal Drivers metrics to the last 30 days or the last 90 days.

  • Drill down into weak points - Drill down to the deals that were affected by each rep's weak spots. Click cells to open a panel and drill into the deals behind the numbers.

And also:

  • Permissions to delete calls - Let people delete calls via setting in the permission profile

  • Export coaching metrics to CSV - You can now export coaching metrics - what's shown on-screen, with or without all the data behind the numbers.

  • Stats permissions - Be in control of who can see what information in the TEAM tab.

  • Tag entire team in comments - Effortlessly share key moments in calls with one @

July 2021

Highlight- Slide analytics

Easily navigate to important slides presented on calls in the call page. Filter calls by slides to track new playbooks, and take a deep dive into calls where key slides were skipped, or discussed in under 2 minutes (for example). Learn more: View slides on a call | Search for calls based on slides

Highlight - Workspaces

Set up workspaces to segment your Gong instance by business use so you can restrict access to conversational data and increase focus and relevancy of insights. Everything you need to know

Highlight - Gong app for Zoom

Take live notes and chat with colleagues right inside Zoom while on a call. Zoom into the future

Highlight - Streams (limited release)

Introducing Streams, customized folders that auto-populate based on your predefined filtering criteria as new matching calls are added.

Drill into coaching metrics

See coaching trends and how coaching was distributed across your managers. Find trends and other improvements in the TEAM > COACHING METRICS tab. More info

Private scorecards

For when you want to share a scorecard with a select few, it's now possible to choose who can see how you scored a call. See Score a call.

View external shares

We've added a handy tab in the call page so that you can now see how many times, for how long, and (when sharing via Gong) who's viewed your call. This is a great way to gauge your prospects' motivation in the deal. Check views of shared calls

Integrations catalog

Leverage a wide range of integrations to make the most of the data accumulated by Gong. Browse all available integrations in our new catalog at integrations.gong.io. Integrations with Gong

Account page in Salesforce

Enjoy an enriched view of any deal inside  your Salesforce instance. Anyone using Salesforce as their primary source of truth can now review deals directly in the Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities. Learn more about this and other new features in Gong for Salesforce v2.20 in What's new in Gong for Salesforce

Deal owner field for HubSpot

Set up deal boards to present deals based on any user field in the CRM Opportunity object - see step 6 in  Create a deal board. HubSpot is now supported.

And also:

  • Export coaching metrics - Download a CSV file with a list of all coaching metrics. This is useful for when you want to crunch the numbers outside Gong.

  • Automatic provisioning from a custom source - Enterprise customers like Google and Square, want to automatically provision and set up their people from an unsupported identity provider. See: Provision team members from a custom source (SCIM)

  • Last sign in - Admins, know who in your org uses Gong. Last sign in is now included in the CSV file you can export from the Team Members page.

June 2021

Highlight - Meeting follow-up assists (limited release)

Send a follow-up email to your prospects with our timely reminder. After a call, you’ll get an assist with a pre-populated follow-up mail containing  action items and other important context from the call. Easily send customers a link to the call and personalize your message to keep your deals hot. Check out Meeting follow-up assist and FAQs for Gong Engage to get the skinny.

See contact info in the new Contacts tab

Know who you're talking to on each deal in one click from your deal board. Learn more in Pipeline review: Use deal boards.

Score anyone on the deal team

Sales enablement and managers listen up! You can now score call participants on their call performance, even when they're not the call host. Rate the performance of sales engineers, CSMs, or anyone else you've involved in the deal, according to your own business goals. See Score a call.

See scorecards in Salesforce

Dig deeper into your scorecards to see if there are correlations between scorecard results and CRM data. For info, go to What's new in Gong for Salesforce.

Deal board permissions

Have greater control over who can create, edit, and delete deal boards based on the permissions set in the permission profile. See Set up a permission profile.

Automatic assignments

Map Gong data capture and permissions to users based on Okta / Rippling groups or Salesforce filters.

And also:

  • Webex integration - Sign in to Webex via OAuth authentication, and enjoy the new look and feel of the integration settings, including support for troubleshooting any connection issues. Find out more

  • Onboarding - We improved the experience for people new to Gong, and added more guidance on using Gong.

  • Sign in with Okta OpenID Connect - Enjoy an improved & seamless sign-in experience Okta OpenID Connect. See Set up Okta OpenID Connect authentication.

  • Warnings filter - UX & UI improvements

  • Next call - See when your next call is scheduled in the deal board.

May 2021

Warning tab in Deals panel

Drill into risk on a particular deal right from the deal board. More info: Pipeline review: Use deal boards

New deal warning: Red flag

Know as soon as we identify a red flag in an email from your prospect, indicating the deal might be at risk. More info: Pipeline review: Stay on top of your deals with warnings

Permissions to public library

Management of the public library folders is now set per permission profile. More info: Set up a permission profile

Reactions to comments

React to comments on calls with emojis within Gong and via Slack! Learn more

Add more seats

Provision more users manually In the Team members page. More info: Plans and seats

Workato integration

Use Gong call data when building workflows in Workato. Learn more: Workato integration

GoToMeeting integration

Improvements to existing workflows. Learn more here.

Download permissions now part of the permission profile

The permission to download calls is now located in  Permission profile settings.

Search for calls by using multiple titles - No more searching one by one.

April 2021

Highlight - Seismic integration

Gong calls can now be pulled into Seismic and shown to Seismic users as part of each account’s assets, associated with CRM, and easily accessible in Siesmic. Check out our Seismic integration article.

Highlight - Tonkean integration

Now orgs can use Gong call data when building workflows in Tonkean. Check out our Tonkean integration article.

And also:

  • Sidebar guide for Deals - Bite-sized educational content about Deals functionality, shown directly in the product.

  • BlueJeans integration - Whether you wear a stone wash or a waxed reverse, you’re going to appreciate the redesigned settings page. See BlueJeans integration.

  • Easier navigation in Coaching stats! A tab for Gong Usage, and separated tabs for Coaching given and Coaching received. The 411 on what you can find where - in the Analyze team performance article.

  • Coaching Inbox update - now non-managers can see coaching they've given too! See Review your team coaching needs.

  • Default exclude lists - We added default terms to the email and web conferencing title exclude lists for new* companies to reduce the risk of capturing data that should not be captured. Find out what terms are in the default exclude lists in the  FAQs for data protection & privacy article.

    (* Accounts created 6th April and later; retroactive support for older accounts coming soon!).

March 2021

  • Highlight - Embed calls in 3rd party apps - Embed Gong snippets and calls in 3rd-party apps, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), so that people can listen to recorded calls without needing to switch back and forth to Gong. Go ahead & embed!

  • Highlight - Get notified and comment in Slack - Team members can now receive call comments via Slack. They can read, reply and continue the conversation directly within Slack.Get notified and comment in Slack.

  • Highlight - Deal boards for multiple roles - You can now set up deal boards to present deals based on any user field in the CRM Opportunity object - see step 6 in Set up: Create a deal board. Currently supported for Salesforce CRM integrations only.

  • Preview deal activity - Drive efficient pipeline reviews by drilling down to the details from the big picture in a single action. Learn how to drill into deal activity without leaving the deal board.

  • Trackers for deals now tracks emails too - When reviewing a deal board, see when a point-of-interest came in the deal, whether on a call or in email at a glance.

  • Coaching emails for Managers - Managers can now receive a weekly email showing which team member is missing coaching, and get a list of recommended calls to coach on. More details.

  • Coaching emails for Directors - If you manage frontline managers, you can now receive a monthly email that shows the coaching activity of the managers in your team. More info.

  • Update Stats navigation - easier to navigate

  • See deals at risk in your homepage - risk at a glance

February 2021

  • Deal rollups - Group by forecast category - Every deal board has 3 default rollup tabs: open deals, closed-won, and closed-lost. You can add or change rollup tabs if you need them when you create or edit a board. Choose the rollup category and CRM values that you want to see.

  • Deal rollups - Group by salesperson / team -

    See where the risk is in your forecast numbers and which team or salesperson is carrying most of that risk. Switch the deals board view to TEAM MEMBERS to see how the risk is distributed, and drill down in a couple of clicks into what deals are affected, what the risks are, and the latest activity on the deal.

  • Deal insights - Our first deal insight is based on the Not enough contacts warning. We calculate how many deals close successfully and the number of contacts on each deal to surface at scale what works best for your deals.

  • Filter by risk warning - Filter your deal board by warning, and drill down into the deals and the highlighted risk to really understand what's happening per deal or per rep. Choose the risk type to really focus on the types of risk that have the highest impact on your forecast and easily spot risk-related coaching opportunities.

  • Deal boards for hybrid teams - Put different people from different teams on the same board. When filtering the board by team ( how to do this), click Select multiple teams or members and add the people or teams to show in your board. To return to the hybrid view after navigating to another board, find it in the MY RECENT BOARDS board filter.

  • See licensed team members - Admins, you can now see the number of licenses in your org at a glance on your company settings > Team members page. More on managing team members here.

  • Custom vocabulary - Updates to the Custom Vocabulary page, and the "add to custom vocabulary" pop-up when adding terms in trackers in order better support 21 languages.

January 2021

  • Warnings - improved usability - Configuring and editing warnings in create/edit deal board is now more intuitive and more scannable. We also relocated the Warnings column so it's now locked to the left of the board, and added a nifty tooltip on the column header so you know what's set for the board.

  • Stalled in stage warning - Get alerted of risk in deal momentum so that you can eliminate it quickly. Define a time limit (in days) for any opportunity stage from your CRM when creating or editing your deal board.

  • Deal drivers - Our new coaching tool gives you insights on total deal performance. Frontline managers can now track KPIs on how their team members behave on and manage deals in the TEAM > DEAL DRIVERS tab. Learn more.

  • Recurring meetings when there's no calendar sync - If you're not syncing your calendar, we've just added support for recurring meetings, meaning you no longer need to manually add Gong to reoccurrences in a series. Find out how to add Gong to recurring meetings.

  • Advanced trackers - More precision when defining trackers - we've moved the advanced filters that were available when searching for trackers in the CALLS page into the trackers configuration. You'll be able to see the advanced parameters when defining a saved filter, but now will need to configure the actual tracker if you want to tweak them for filtering calls. Existing filters using the tracker will be updated automatically if you update the tracker. Learn how to create trackers.

  • Import / export trackers - A really nifty new feature especially for our enterprise customers - you can now download a CSV of your trackers, edit or update the file, and then upload the CSV to a new workspace. Check it out!

  • Improved sign-in - Enjoy an improved sign-in experience, including an overhaul of the welcome emails that go out to new team members onboarding to Gong, and new support for OpenID Connect in addition to SAML SSO.

  • New languages supported - We now support 21 languages!! Check out this article to understand exactly what and how we support them (there are a couple of stipulations).

  • Improved team member provisioning - We simplified the set up flow for automatic provisioning, reducing the risk of importing the entire company (!). We also added support for automatic provisioning with Rippling.


December 2020

  • Detailed links in Slack - Links shared to Slack are now unfurled, which means they now show contextual info so you know who was on the call, account information, and a link to the account page.

  • Create Zendesk support tickets - Highlight call snippets and create support tickets that include the description of the issue in the customer's voice. Learn how to set up & how to create tickets from calls.

  • UX improvements on mobile - It's now slicker & quicker with an updated nav, listen later/save to device consolidation, minimize player, improved sign-in experience, & more!

November 2020

  • Trackers in deals - Add tracker columns to your board to surface critical trackers in your deals.

  • Deal boards for hybrid teams - You can now select more than one team and additional individual contributors on deal boards to get a holistic view of your deal pipeline.

  • Domains - Admins now enjoy greater control over additional domains that should be excluded or treated as internal. Treat outsources sales as internal by adding their domain in Recording settings > Web conferencing calls. Exclude recruiting emails by adding their domains to the exclude list in Data protection & privacy > Web conferencing and emails exclude lists.

  • Native Zoom recording - By default, Zoom saves native recordings online in your Zoom account, taking up valuable storage room. You can now set Gong to delete these recordings after they're retrieved and brought into Gong.

October 2020

  • New warning: pricing wasn't discussed - Get a heads-up when a deal is due to close, but pricing wasn't discussed yet.

  • Company primary currency - Set your company’s primary currency for use across Gong.

  • Scheduler for deal digest subscriptions - You can now change the time and day(s) you receive your deal digests.

  • My recent boards - Your recently-used boards now appear at the top of the find board drop-down list.

  • productboard integration - Create feature requests for your product team using the exact words your customers are saying. Select a snippet from the call transcript and use it to create a note in productboard.

  • Private scorecards - Score calls and decide whether the score should be public (visible to all), visible to just you and the call host, or visible only to yourself.

  • New scoring types - You can now add questions that can be answered with scores of 1-3 stars, have a YES/NO answer, or that are open-ended, which gives you the ability to offer more structured coaching. Note that for now, the overall scorecard is still 1-5.

  • New location for creating scorecards - Business admins can now create scorecards directly from within the TEAM tab > SCORECARDS.

  • Coaching metrics - drill down into calls - Now senior managers can see what makes up the data behind the coaching stats, and understand where they're focussing their coaching efforts.

  • Highlights in live call transcript - When playing a call, the transcript highlights the text for speech. When accessing a snippet shared with you, call page opens on the highlighted part of the transcript. Select & share snippets internally, to the library, and to productboard.

  • Tracker info in calls page - Now when you search for calls using a tracker, you can see what words and phrases make up the tracker.

  • Customize data privacy link name on consent page - Admins can now edit the name of the privacy policy link for the consent page. Available in all supported languages.

  • Delete calls automation rule - Create a rule to automatically delete calls based on certain phrases.

  • Mobile - new call screen on iOS - Jump to next speaker, listen to 1 speaker, see call topics, make hands-free voice comments, and easy access to common actions: see comments, show video, see call info, & share the call.

September 2020

  • Native Zoom recording - record using Zoom's native recorder for recordings of a higher quality.

  • Slack automation rules - send messages to team Slack channels with important Gong insights.

  • Manually associate calls to emails - manually associate uploaded or wrongly-associated calls.

  • View transcription - read along as you listen to a call. Fast actions available from the transcript.

August 2020

  • Coaching - improved flows for frontline managers and senior managers and sales enablement, as well as reps requesting feedback.

  • Deals - weekly deal digests, ability to align to your fiscal calendar, and recommendations for setting warnings.

  • Notifications - improvements to the Notifications page and Company notification settings.

  • Mobile - see labelled emails and search for calls by keyword.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Azure cloud beta launched.

July 2020

  • 2 new deal warnings - Deal is single-threaded & No stakeholder of significance!

  • Automatic provisioning with Okta - Automate admin processes to save time and reduce human error.

  • Protect your data with your AWS key - Control your sensitive data with your AWS Key Management Service master key (CMK) to encrypt all new media files (audio and video) stored in your Gong account.

  • Gong for Outlook add-in - Drive consent page adoption by adding the meeting link in one click directly in Outlook.

June 2020

  • Deal warnings on mobile - Stay alert on the go and know what deals are at risk before you even reach your (home) office. Tap the deal card to drill into the details.

  • Zoom Rooms call owner attribution - Rather than giving away your call stats to a conference room, we'll attribute it to the call owner, as you would expect.

  • Consent page - support for 14 additional languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Icelandic.).

  • Give your bot a relevant name - Customize the name of the Gong bot.

  • Delete personal data located by phone number - Search for all associated data via international phone number.

May 2020

  • Make-your-own deal boards - Select the type of deals you want to review, with the data that's important to you, and customize warnings to align with your sales reality.

  • + See those deal boards on the go - View boards on mobile.

  • Email labels - Skim through emails to quickly see what's interesting (like when pricing was mentioned).

  • Private library folders on mobile - Now available.

  • Data protection & privacy - Now includes settings for call download & share, information redaction, and retention policy.

April 2020

  • Ghosting deal warning - Know when a deal goes dark.

  • Streamlined account page: email invitations - Easily scan the account activity and disregard meeting invitations.

  • Activity page enhancements - Better indications of which accounts and deals your team are working on.

  • Sort & filter your deals on the mobile Deals page - New options for filtering and sorting your deal board on mobile.

  • Exclude web conferences - New settings page for tech admins: we grouped all the data protection and privacy settings together in a new page, and gave you the ability to block recording for certain web conference calls.

  • Search for related word forms - Include related word forms in your searches to catch word inflections that show where certain topics were discussed.

  • Resync historical Gong conversations to Salesforce - As tech admin, you can now resync historical Gong conversations to Salesforce.

  • Use less Salesforce storage - Only sync the calls you need.

March 2020

  • Deal intelligence! - The premier of the DEALS tab, which enables you to separate fact from fiction, improve forecast accuracy, and close more deals in the new deals page that shows deal activity, value, owner, and more crucial information

  • New ACTIVITY tab - COVID19 support, let managers see what their teams are up to at a glance.

  • Private folders - Create & manage calls in your own private folders in the library.

  • Know & control your recording status - See if an upcoming call is set to be recorded, and turn off recording if you want.

  • Account page - Streamlined the UI for a better experience.

  • Links in pre-call consent emails - Add links to your pre-call consent email, and they'll be automatically identified and switched to a clickable link.

February 2020

  • Library - We take you back to where you left off next time you enter the library. This memory muscle lasts for a week, after which time you'll go to the library's main page.

  • Dismiss calls from your To Do list - Dismiss calls without affecting coaching stats.

  • Reduce storage used by Gong for Salesforce - Empty topics and trackers from your conversations aren't saved in Salesforce anymore.

  • Separate permissions for importing and recording calls - If you have the need for some people to be recorded or import calls but not both, the settings are now separate.

  • Set team members to be recorded faster - Turn on data capture in two clicks in a new dialog where the data capture settings are selected by default.

  • Download calls CSV from the Calls page - For Business admins, we added a handy button to download the call data in one quick click.

  • FTP telephony system support - Connect FTP-based telephony systems to Gong.

  • Remove user data in app - Self-manage requests to remove personal data and easily comply with privacy regulations, by searching and removing personal data upon request from the company settings > Data Protection & Privacy page.

  • Support generic SAML SSO providers - Your Gong users can use your SAML SSO provider to log in to Gong.

January 2020

  • Saved filters - We made filters so much easier to use, share, and set alerts for!

  • Library - re-order calls in folders by dragging, and see who edited library folders and uploaded calls.

  • Gong for Salesforce - Easily navigate from Salesforce to Gong using the View Account in Gong button.

  • Hebrew, Japanese, & Russian - We now support transcription and analysis for calls in these languages.

  • Zoom Phone - now supported

  • Consent page - Inform meeting invitees that your call is due to be recorded and gain their consent when required by regulations.

  • Gong for Google Suite - Drive consent page adoption by adding the meeting link in one click directly in Google Calendar.


December 2019

  • Stats for scorecards - Identify your top and bottom performers for targeted coaching

  • New user profiles - standard team members and collaborators

  • Consent page - Renamed from Welcome page

  • The right to be forgotten - dedicated API added

  • Direct links to account info - Account names now link to the account page

  • Easily locate deal info - limited release of the Deals page

  • Account page - filter the engagement map and activity list by name/role

  • New digests - for comments, mentions, replies on calls, accounts and leads you follow

November 2019

  • Account engagement map - Be engaged with your prospects.

  • Account activity in mobile app - Review account activity on the go.

  • Revenue Intelligence academy - Bitesize videos available.

  • Account page for HubSpot users - The account page was made available to HubSpot users.

  • Select CRM field for deal value - Understand the state of your deals consistently across Gong and Salesforce or HubSpot.

  • UI improvements

October 2019

  • Custom vocabulary adds classification and language support - You can now classify terms to help Gong understand them in the correct context within a sentence. You can also define alternatives for each supported language.

  • Customize the deal value - You can select the deal value relevant to your company, and filter calls using this field, and see the stats on how your team is performing.

September 2019

  • Stats for trackers - Trackers are now tracked (!). Track mentions of specific products,  competitors (by customers or reps), and discount offerings. For example...see how well that new sales pitch has been adopted.

  • Filter calls using CRM Contact fields - Wherever you use a filter to select relevant calls, you can now use the Contact fields imported from your CRM. When you manage your CRM field import to Gong, these fields are now available.

August 2019

  • Gong for Salesforce v2 - Out of the box dashboards and reports.

  • Gong's API enhanced with call transcript and scorecards - The API now includes the transcript of each call and the scorecard data.

  • Automation Rules are live - Create automation rules to push Gong data out to other applications

  • Adding a comment to a call or account enhanced - Add emojis to comments so that you can better express your mood, and maybe soften the tone, for example when coaching.

  • More telephony systems supported - Support for CallRail and Nextiva added.

July 2019

  • Deal collaboration - added comments at the account level.

  • Filter account communications to see only calls - new filter for the account page.

  • Account search improved - limit your search to calls only.

  • Delete an email in the account page - delete unwanted emails that were captured on the account page.

  • Telephony systems are now connected to HubSpot - see the CRM data associated with the call.

  • New telephony systems supported - VocalIP, Marketo Sales Engage, ConnectLeader, and Amazon Connect.

  • Exclude import of internal calls - added ability to filter out internal calls for some telephony providers.

  • Language support for trackers - define the words or phrases that represent a tracker in more than one language.

  • Custom filter for calls - in permission profiles.

  • Account timeline and accounts - added to the permission profile's page access.

  • Business admin permission profile - now editable.

  • Business admin permissions - available in any permission profile.

  • Mobile meeting recorder - now with native video, playback loading indicator & stability improvements.

  • Details of inaccessible calls no longer visible - updated restriction on calls you don't have permission to see.

  • Download consent page links - export to CSV.

  • Min/max amount filter on the Calls page.

  • Salesforce integration - improved UI.

  • Info added to Salesforce also updated for the call in Gong.

  • Go directly to Salesforce from Gong - Open in CRM link from a call takes you to the Gong conversation in Salesforce.

  • Stats for Topics - improved UI.

June 2019

  • Gong welcome page available for GoToMeeting and BlueJeans - Consent page now available for Zoom, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans.

  • Call transcript supports additional languages - Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Plus English, of course.

  • Search supports additional languages - Search in any supported languages within call transcripts and using the omni-search at the top of the app.

  • Use the AND operator in word searches - earch for calls using a combination of words and trackers mentioned in a call, for example, "price and competitors."

  • Conditional use of the audio prompt - Don't have to play the audio prompt if using a consent page.

  • Add a voice comment to a call - Leave voice comments when using the mobile app.

May 2019

  • Gong for Salesforce - Slice and dice call data from Gong in Salesforce dashboards and reports, correlating your Gong data with your Salesforce data.

  • Use Zapier to push Gong call data to other systems - Automate workflows and push Gong data to thousands of other web apps with a native connection to Zapier.

  • New, Rich API - Push almost any type of Gong data into your other systems so you can build reports and automate workflows.

  • Mobile Meeting Recorder - Record your face­-to-­face meetings.

  • iPad Gong app - Download the Gong app optimized for your iPad.

  • More dialers supported - We added PureCloud, Playbooks, 8x8, and Fuze.

  • More video conferencing tools supported - We added Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

April 2019

  • Permission profiles - Model access permissions to each user’s role in the company.

  • Recording consent using the Gong Welcome Page - The Gong welcome page informs users that they are being recorded and also provides the option to opt out.

  • Hubspot CRM now supported - Map Hubspot data to Gong, and link calls data to your deals.

  • Enhanced versions of Gong for Salesforce and Gong Conversations - The Gong for Salesforce app is the conduit for passing Gong data into Salesforce as custom objects. Gong Conversation (within Salesforce) visualizes the incoming Gong data, but you can also use this data to create pipeline level reports to gain visibility into your sales process.

March 2019

  • Team member provisioning page - give your managers more power.

  • Account page - see what’s happening across the life of an account.

  • Account timeline - see account interactivity in the context of a call.

February 2019

  • Library on mobile - access and listen on the go.

  • Transcripts on mobile - Read the call transcript when you're out and about.

January 2019

  • New look for the Calls page - introduced panes to enhance usability.

  • Library archive - archive old folders with the ability to restore if needed.

  • Subfolders in library - organize in nested folders.

  • Multiple scorecards per call - score different aspects of each call.


December 2018

  • Crack the code on your top producer's talk tracks - Whisper™ stack-ranks your team by top, average, and lower performer, and highlights the talk tracks your top reps use during their sales conversations at every stage of your sales process.

  • Transform your good reps into great reps - Whisper™ highlights exactly what each of your reps needs to say to close more deals.

August 2018

  • Salesforce custom fields - Align Gong to exactly how you use Salesforce by pulling in custom fields from Salesforce.

  • Back-to-back meeting recording - Cleanly record your back-to-back meetings without getting them all jumbled up.

  • Video segment identification - Highlights types of video shared during the call.

  • Video recordings viewable in mobile app - just that.

  • New integrations - Close.io Dialer & Truly.co.

  • Team-specific topic models - create unique Topics for different teams or business units.

June 2018

  • Master key sales skills FAST with Snippets - Master specific sales scenarios in a rapid-fire fashion.

  • Tailor your Trackers for different teams - You asked. We delivered.

  • Find the EXACT calls you want with Call Category search - Surface the exact types of calls you want to find by filtering with the Call Category field.

  • Bullet proof your call recording compliance - 100% GDPR compliance with automated recording notifications & do-not-record exclude list.

  • New integration - ConnectAndSell.

April 2018

  • Coach better, smarter, faster:

    • Put coaching on cruise control with "Whisper" - Automatic coaching recommendations based on the analysis of your sales conversations, breaking down how you can improve.

    • Bookmark calls with "Listen Later" - Hit "Listen Later" to bookmark it and access it at any time, even from the Gong mobile app.

    • 5-point call scoring for better coaching - We used to offer 3-point scoring. Clearly, 5-point is superior.

  • Fine-tune your filtering:

    • Find calls by inbound, outbound, and scheduled - Find the exact calls you're looking for based on how the call originated.

    • New SFDC fields for filtering - Filter through calls with a bunch of new Salesforce fields, all rolled up in one easy-to-use section.

  • Small (but mighty) updates

    • Edit the title of your calls - Handy.

    • "Redact" sensitive information - Gong can now automatically silence segments of calls and remove transcript segments where sensitive information was mentioned

    • Separate speakers on flat dialer recordings - Gong is now smart enough to separate your "flat" dialer and PBX recordings into two channels, with  stunning accuracy.

February 2018

  • Segment stats by call category - Get more accurate insights from Stats by segmenting them down to specific call types, teams, opportunity stages, and more!

  • New stat: Patience - Eliminate your nasty habit of interrupting customers by measuring the amount of time you pause before speaking!

  • HD video - Crystal clear HD video recording of your web conferencing sessions.

  • Trim calls before sharing - Share trimmed versions of your call recordings with customers so they only see the relevant parts.

  • New integrations - UberConference, Dialpad, & dialsource.

  • Tip of the month - Use Gong to search for calls where certain language was not spoken. Combine this feature with Alerts, and your team will be speaking the same language in no time.


December 2017

  • Gong mobile app released! - Listen to Gong call on the go, commuting in your car, on the train, or even during a flight with no connectivity. Sweet.

  • Private comments - Leave coaching comments only visible to the salesperson, ask your manager for assistance privately, or bookmark interesting parts of the call only for you to see.

  • New integrations - Five9, Skype for Business (no longer supported), & InContact.

  • Record only organizer's calls - Record only when a meeting was organized by a recorded user.

  • Find calls by source, comments, and more - Filter calls by their source to narrow down your searches.

  • View calls' main topic - Gong now automatically detects the main topic on every call and highlights it to make it easier for you to find calls you're interested in.

  • Happy Holidays from the entire Gong crew!

October 2017

  • Scorecards - Track performance and coaching metrics by creating scorecards using questions and metrics unique for your team.

  • Recurring meetings - Record them all (for synced calendars).

  • Reply to comments - Take collaboration to the next level by replying to comments and creating threaded discussions within Gong calls.

September 2017

  • Listen live - Listen to your teammates' web conferencing calls and demos in real time without joining the session.

  • Take notes in real time - Take notes while on a call, bookmark parts you'd like to listen to later, add @mentions of any team member or #Tags you can later search by. Even better, all notes are pushed to Salesforce into the Gong activity record.

  • Improved, easy to read transcripts - Gong transcripts are now more accurate and easier to read than a Shakespearean play! Alas, poor Yorick.

  • Single-sign-on with Salesforce, Google, and Office365 - Who can remember their password anyway?

August 2017

  • Coaching metrics and call topic analysis - See the level of coaching activity for you and your team, in addition to existing metrics around call dynamics and activity .

  • New integrations - BlueJeans, RingCentral, & Natterbox.

  • Single-sign-on with Okta - Increased security and compliance by centrally-managed access to Gong.

July 2017

  • Newly-designed search - New Home page on recent and upcoming calls, and simplified search experience.

  • Better, more secure, call sharing - Just made your customers' experience when viewing shared calls 10x easier and better, allowing them to view talk tracks and search for keywords, while all other call data remains private to your customer.

  • Set Gong alerts for other users - Add other people to your alert.

June 2017

  • "Coach me" - Request feedback from your manager, coach, or peers.

  • Skip internal meetings - We mean Gong, not you. You still need to go to your internal meetings.

  • Track quantities and filler words mentioned in calls - Trackers now automatically highlight filler words as well as quantities of commonly used nouns mentioned in your calls.

March 2017

  • Track what your customers are saying - track and highlight what customers are saying during the call - competitor names, objections, and more!

January 2017

  • Automatically import SalesLoft calls into Gong - Gong will start regularly importing SalesLoft calls for all users who are set to record their calls.

  • Speaker identification is now available in Join.me - Added speaker identification to our Join.me integration allowing you to visually see who spoke when, review call dynamic, % talk time, and utilize easier and smarter navigation within each call. Enjoy.


November 2016

  • Winter is coming: Gong 'Comment Storms' are here - Just released an update where users get a single notification for "Comment Storms" - a flow of comments posted over a short period of time - reducing clutter in their inbox and creating a much better experience reviewing comments.

September 2016

  • The Gong call library - Create curated call lists for training, onboarding and coaching.

August 2016

  • Customize your Gong search experience - Add your own quick-search terms - competitor names, industry terms, product features, whatever you want.

June 2016

  • Capture notes while on a GoToMeeting call - Capture notes quickly and easily while on a GoToMeeting call by posting them into the chat window.

March 2016

  • Share a call with your customers, partners and more - People who don't have a Gong account receive an email inviting them to a simplified call viewing experience, where they can review the call and search for keywords.

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