Monitor forecast trends
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Monitor forecast trends

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Who's this for? Frontline Manager, Manager of Managers, Revenue Ops

Where to go? Deals > Analytics > Trends

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

The Trends report gives you insights as to how accurate your forecast is, and what changed in your pipeline over a selected time period for the selected line of business. You can also see the target and coverage of your pipeline together with the forecast for different forecast categories, so that you can compare your actual pipeline to your forecast.

Trends report example

Filter the chart

By default, the Trends report is filtered to the same line of business, time period, and team you viewed in Forecast.

  • Above the chart, pick the forecast category that you want to see trends for.

Tip: Change what team you see (this capability is based on permissions):

  • Click the chevron at the top left of the board to navigate up your org chart.

  • When looking at a manager of the manager, click the name of a manager in their team to drill into that team.

  • Similarly, when looking at a manager, click the name of a team member to see only their forecast.

  • Click the current manager's name and then search for a team member or manager to jump to their board.

Read the trend chart

Use the trend chart to easily see your progress in actual sales, understand what your pipeline coverage is in each forecast category, and validate your team's numbers against reality.

Scroll over the chart to see more details:

  • The stacked bars show you the value of all deals in the selected category, per week

    Weeks run from the forecast lock time to the next forecast lock.

    Week 1 is from midnight at the end of the month of the previous period, and until the first forecast lock of the selected period.

  • The forecast categories are stacked in the order they are defined in Forecast settings.

  • The red line indicates the forecast projection (learn more)

  • The orange line indicates the forecast of the team under the selected manager

  • The purple line indicates the forecast of the selected manager

  • The dotted line indicates the team's target

  • Click the bar or scroll down to see the deals in each forecast category for that week.

Note: Missing values

  • In the event that someone did not update their number, we carry over their last submitted number in the period. Go here to understand the finer details of how we handle missing info.

Follow weekly progress of your deals

Click on a bar in the trends chart, or scroll down to see a snapshot of the deals that were in the pipeline for the forecast category during the week you selected.

Trends report details example

Use this table to understand how your deals are moving through your pipeline. As the graph shows the deal details as they were for the selected week, you can see the weekly changes to the forecast categories, and identify deals that may need extra attention to keep them moving through the pipeline.

Click on the deal to see current deal details in the deal panel.

Look at the future

Pick a future period in the Trends report page to see how your future pipeline in shaping up. You'll see the future period in the timeframe of the current quarter so that you can see the weekly progress toward the chosen period.

Use the projection tool

We use historical data to project how the chosen period will end. Note that the projection may change weekly as a result of pipeline changes and the point of time within the selected historical period.

Go to here to learn more.

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