Set import of HubSpot fields
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Set import of HubSpot fields

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Import HubSpot fields so that you can see your CRM data together with your Gong data in one place. Once you're set up, you can:

  • Filter calls by data from HubSpot, such as calls for a specific deal, in the Search page

  • View deals and their value in the Accounts page

  • See HubSpot fields as part of the ranking criteria in Whisper for Topics

  • Drill down to monitor changes in the account timeline (for Opportunity fields set to track changes)


Make sure that the user that connects to HubSpot has access to all fields you want to import.

  1. Go to Company settings > CRM > HubSpot.

  2. In the Import from HubSpot area, click Manage HubSpot Fields.

    The list of fields you can import from HubSpot are organized by Contact, Account, Opportunity, and Lead.


    Use the search to search for fields within each object.

  3. In each tab, select the fields that you want to use to in Gong, such as filter calls and view in deals.

  4. To create a variable from a CRM field, select Create variable next to the field. This enables you to create variables from CRM fields that are imported to Gong in addition to the built-in variables that Gong provides. These variables will then be available for use when creating email templates.

  5. To track the change of a field's value, select Track changes next to the field. Track changes enables you to monitor when and what changes to your HubSpot fields happen as your deal progresses.

    Changes are shown in the account timeline and account page.


    This step requires that you have set up field history tracking in HubSpot.

  6. Select the field you want to use as the deal amount. This field type must be currency.

  7. In the Activity association area, toggle Use contact roles to ON to let Gong use the contact role HubSpot field when associating conversations to deals automatically.

    Go here to learn more about automatic association.


    This feature is currently in limited availability.

  8. Click Save.

See also: Required HubSpot fields that Gong accesses

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