Intro to the call page
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Intro to the call page

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See a call’s highlights, listen to the call, see related stats, search for things people said, and so much more, all from the call page. To access it, click on the call from anywhere in Gong. If you've received an email about the call, you can reach it by clicking GO TO CALL in the email.

  • At the top left of the screen is the call title. If the call is associated with an account, you'll see the account name immediately below the title, as well as the time and date of the call. If you've already listened to the call, this is marked here too.

  • From the top right of the screen, you can you add the call to the library, listen later, or share the call with colleagues or customers. You can also generate an email follow-up for the call that automatically includes a summary of what was covered in the call.

  • Along the right side of the screen is a panel with actions you can take on the call, including adding comments, seeing call stats, and more.

Watch the recording

The call player is located on the right side of the screen. From here you play the call recording, see who spoke and for how long, and more. To expand it over the entire screen, click the arrow in the middle.

Call screen: Before the video begins to play, you'll see basic info about who was on the call. While the call is playing, you'll see the person who is talking, or whatever was shared during the call at that time.

Action bar: Below the call screen are video controls. You can speed things up, jump ahead to other speakers, control volume, and more. 

Pointer: This shows where you are in the call. It extends all the way down, so you can see who is talking.

Soundtrack: Each line below the call screen represents a speaker. Speakers from your company are marked in purple. At the far left end of each line, hover the speaker's name to display a toggle. Turn the toggle off/on to mute/listen to that person’s recording. At the far right of each line, see what percentage of the call they spoke for.

Topics: At the bottom, see which topics were covered and when. Learn more about topics

Call related info and insights

Dig into the content of the call using the features on the left side of the screen.

Ask anything: At the top of the left side, ask any questions you have about the call and get AI-generated answers in moments. 

Highlights: See a call's most important information at a glance, so you know what happened without listening to a moment of the call. See next steps, AI-generated key points, and more. Read more about call spotlight

Outline: See the various sections in the call, and jump to any one of them to dig deeper into what was covered. You'll also see the outline on the call timeline - hover over any point on the call and see what was discussed at that moment.  

Transcript: Read along with the call, search for specific terms, or have it translated into English (available for select languages).

Call info: See key call information here, including when the call took place, who was on it, what deal and account it's associated with, and more. See a full list of call participants and invitees. Copy email addresses for easy follow-up.  

Points of interest: See whether questions were asked, if there were action items, whether trackers were mentioned, and more. Learn more

Slides: If slides were shown during the call, you'll see them here, and can jump to their location in the call.

Collaboration, feedback, and more

From the right side of the screen, you can collaborate with colleagues, give feedback, see stats, and more.

Comments: If there are comments on call, you’ll see a a number in the top corner of this icon. Click on the icon to see the comments or add your own. Learn more

Scoring: Give structured feedback on people's calls using scorecards. Score other people's calls or your own. Multiple scorecards may be assigned to any call. For more details, see this.

Stats: See measurable data about how the call host performed. Includes stats about talk ratio, patience, and more. Learn more

Feedback: If this is a call you participated in, click the whistle icon and you'll see a REQUEST FEEDBACK button. Use it to ask for feedback from your manager, or someone else in your company.

Shares & Views: Click here to see if the call has been shared with or viewed by customers. You'll see how many times a call was shared, and view information for each share. You'll also be able to edit the share settings from here, or cancel access to the call. Read more

AI to-dos: If you're using Engage, you'll see the To-do icon here. If you have to-dos related to this call, you'll be able to take action accordingly. For more, see this.

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