Webex integration
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Webex integration

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Who's this for? Tech Admin small label and your organization's Webex admin.

With the Webex integration, Gong uses Webex's API to get information on upcoming scheduled meetings, enable associating hosts and participants with your CRM contacts, and set the meeting host as the call owner where relevant.

You can use the Gong consent page for meetings set up with a one time link or personal meeting room calls.

Webex integration is recommended, but not required, for recording calls in Webex.

Before you begin

These settings must be configured in Webex by your Webex:

  • Make sure the Enable third-party apps and developers to integrate with Webex Meetings using REST APIs checkbox is selected.

    The checkbox can be found:

    • If your organization uses Cisco Webex Site Administration, in Webex > Site Admin > Common Site Settings > Options.

    • If your organization uses Cisco Control Hub, in Webex > Site Admin > Common Site Settings > Third-party integration.

Connect Webex and Gong

  1. In Gong, go to Company settings > Data capture > Web Conferencing.

  2. In the Webex row, click SETTINGS.

  3. Click CONNECT.

  4. Follow the instructions to sign in to your Webex admin account, and authorize access to Webex meeting data.

    Gong asks for the “all_read” scope, which gives Gong read-only privileges to access all Webex resources available to the authenticated user (learn more about Scopes for Webex integrations here).

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