Setting up Auto Context
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Setting up Auto Context

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If you aren't connecting a CRM to Gong, you can still enjoy many of the features of Gong with the Auto Context option. In the Auto Context option, we create account and contact records in Gong based on your calendar events which have recorded web conference calls with participants with an external domain.

Your calls are then associated with these accounts and contacts, providing you with full context for the call, the ability to see the activity timeline, and search both accounts and contacts.

To set up Auto Context:

  1. Make sure your calendar app is connected to Gong.

  2. Go to Company Settings > CRM > Auto Context.

  3. In the Auto Context page, click Enable.


Importing emails into Gong when Auto Context is enabled is not supported. This is to avoid the creation of extra accounts based on non-business email domains.

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