Excluding emails from import
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Excluding emails from import

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Your team sends and receives a large number of emails and not all of them need to be imported to Gong. We aim to import emails related to your business activities so we can enrich your data in Gong, assess how your deals are progressing and provide meaningful insights in Ask me anything about a deal, the Deal likelihood and other Gong analytics on deals. Therefore, we import emails where there is a match between the recipient or sender email address, and the CRM contact or lead.

The types of emails we avoid importing are:

  • private emails such as emails that team members send to themselves 

  • internal emails such as those sent or received by HR

  • spam emails

  • emails that come from public email domains and are probably not relevant to your business (this can be configured).

In order to exclude these emails from being importing we automatically exclude:

  • bounced email notifications

  • emails marked by a user as not to import to Gong

  • emails from domains defined as internal

  • emails from domains excluded from being imported to Gong

  • specific email addresses you define as being excluded from being imported to Gong

  • emails with terms in the subject included in the global exclude list or defined in the company’s list

  • emails with usernames in the prefix that imply they might be junk or spam emails

Emails excluded by default

Gong maintains a global list of domains where emails sent from these prefixes and domains aren’t imported to Gong. Gong also maintains a list of words that when found in the email subject line, the emails are excluded from being imported to Gong. These lists can’t be edited. If you find terms or domains missing from the global list contact Gong support to have them added.

For the list of excluded words, see Default terms in exclude lists.

Configuring which emails shouldn’t be imported

You can improve the accuracy of which emails aren’t imported by configuring: 

  • Internal domains: these are domains which are internal to the company and if all email participants are from these domains, it is unlikely that the email should be imported to Gong. 

  • Email import exclude list: a list of domains, email addresses and words that when they appear in the subject of an email shouldn’t be imported.

To configure the exclusion lists for emails:

  1. Click Company Settings > Data capture > Data protection & privacy.

  2. In the Internal domains section, click EDIT in the top right of the section to define a list of domains that should be considered internal. Emails where all the participants are from one of these domains will not be imported to Gong. Enter each domain on a new line

  3. Click Save in the top right of the section.

  4. Scroll down to Email import exclude list and click EDIT in the top right corner of the section.

  5. In the Domains area, add each domain you don’t want to import emails from on a new line.

  6. Check Exclude all public domains if you don’t want emails from email providers such as gmail, hotmail to be imported to Gong. This option excludes more than 150 public email domains from being imported to Gong and is useful if you’re a B2B company that communicates exclusively with work emails. Such emails may be irrelevant for your business, and add unwanted volume to the emails you import.


    Note: If this option is checked, any emails from these domains that were already imported will be deleted.

    For a list of the domains that will be excluded if selected, see this.

  7. In Email addresses, add each email address you don’t want to import emails from to a new line. 

  8. In Words in email subject, add words that you don’t want emails with these words in your subject line to be imported to Gong. Add each word on a new line. Phrases can have one or more words, and will match “as-is” with a phrase found in the subject. This field is not case sensitive.

    For example, if you enter please ignore, Gong will not import emails with the following subjects:

    • Please ignore

    • Confidential - please ignore

    • Please ignore this message

    However, we will import emails with the following subjects:

    • Ignore

    • Please look into this

    • Please do not ignore


    We only scan the subject and address lines, not the text of the message.

  9. Click Save.

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