Enabling multiple currencies
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Enabling multiple currencies

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Support for multiple currencies is limited to customers with a Salesforce integration.

Global companies with diverse regional sales teams often use multiple currencies. In some cases, the whole company needs to convert deal amounts from their original currency into a single corporate currency, while in other cases, different regional sales teams are expected to use different currencies: for example, the EMEA sales team may need to view their pipeline and submit their forecast numbers in Euros, while the US team is expected to report in USD.

Multiple currencies allow Gong users to view their pipeline and submit their forecast numbers using their regional currency. All amounts in Gong will be displayed in the selected currency - from a single deal amount to all rollup amounts.


Before enabling multiple currencies in Gong, make sure that:


To enable multiple currencies:

  1. Go to Company settings > CRMSalesforce.

  2. Select We use multiple currencies.

  3. If you’re currently using custom amount fields to get the converted value of a deal from Salesforce, do the following:

    1. In Company settings > CRM > Salesforce, make sure your Salesforce amount field is the original amount field and not a converted one:

    2. In every deal board and forecast board settings, make sure your Salesforce amount field is the original amount field and not a converted one (you can still have a different amount field in each board just as long as it doesn’t contain a converted value):


      After enabling multiple currencies, the conversion rates are applied to every amount field, meaning amount fields that already hold a converted value would be reconverted, reflecting the wrong value.

Things to know

  • The available currencies and conversion rates logic are derived from the Salesforce conversion rate table. When your Salesforce conversion rates change, so do your deal values in Gong. Refer to About advanced currency management in Salesforce Help.

  • If your company works with dynamic dated exchange rates, they too are reflected in Gong.

  • When you enable Multiple Currency Conversion, we convert all deal values into your default company currency, including past closed deals. This action cannot be reversed.

  • By default, all deals are converted into your company’s corporate currency. But any user can select their preferred currency to view their pipeline, targets, and forecast numbers.

What it looks like

Once you enable multiple currencies in your company, your team members will be able to:

  1. See all deal amounts converted into a single currency (by default, this is the corporate currency).

  2. Switch to their preferred currency from the currency selector and view all deal values, forecast, target, and rollup amounts in the selected currency:

  3. View and edit the original (local) amount of each deal:

  4. Submit their forecast numbers in their preferred viewing currency, and see how they convert to the company currency:


The selected viewing currency is personal and does not affect others; however, when sharing a board with another Gong user, the board will be shared with the sharing user’s selected currency.

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