GoToMeeting integration
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GoToMeeting integration

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Configuring Gong to connect to the GoToMeeting API means better host recognition on meetings, and gives your users an easier workflow for using the Gong consent page.

When you use the Gong consent page with GoToMeeting, Gong automatically links the GoToMeeting personal meeting room to each team member's consent page link.

If you connect to the GoToMeeting API, it is not necessary to turn on recording for GoToMeeting in the GoToMeeting settings as described below.

  1. Go to Company settings > Data capture > Web Conferencing.

  2. In the GoToMeeting row, click SETTINGS.

  3. If you are a GoToMeeting administrator, click Connect as an Admin.

    If you are not a GoToMeeting administrator, click Send instructions, and send an email with your request to your administrator. Note that the authentication link will expire after 3 days.


  4. Follow the instructions, and authorize Gong to access your GoToMeeting account.

  5. Click Update to save.

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