Score a call
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Score a call

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Where to go: To the call you want to score

Scorecards enable structured coaching and enable reps and managers to track improvements over time. Scorecards help distinguish between successful calls and calls that need improvement. Scorecard questions that focus on specific aspects of a call let you provide and receive clear, detailed feedback. Scoring a call is counted as feedback given, unless you're the call owner scoring your own call.

The capability to score calls is set in your permission profile. If you don't have it and think you should, contact your Gong admin.

How to score a call

  1. Go to the call you want to score and click Scoring_icon.png Scoring.

  2. Select the call participant that you want to score via the SPEAKER TO SCORE field.

  3. Choose the scorecard you want to use for this call.

  4. Answer the questions as accurately as possible.

  5. If the question has an Answer guide, open this to find instructions to help you answer the question. (Currently in beta, so not available in all scorecards.)

  6. If the question includes an Add more feedback field, use this to add text that explains or supports your answer.

  7. For some questions, you'll see a Summary of relevant snippets to help you answer the question. Read the summary or listen to the snippets by clicking Play. (Currently in beta, so not available in all scorecards.)

  8. Use Gong AI to help you find the answer by clicking Look for the answer in this call. (Currently in beta, so not available in all scorecards.)

  9. At the bottom of the screen, select who can view the scorecard. The default is Public, which means any Gong user can see it. You can also choose to make it visible to specific people only, or yourself. If you make the scorecard public, or choose to show to specific people only, the scorecard will be included in statistics. If you choose only you, the scorecard won’t be published and won’t be counted in stats.


  10. Click Submit to publish the score.

    If you set the scorecard visibility to Public, the call host is informed. If you set the visibility to specific people, those people are informed. The score is listed on the scoring pane.

Set a scorecard to private

Make a scorecard private so just the host and the call participant can see it on the call page.

  • Private scorecards can be pushed to the Gong API and downloaded as a CSV.

  • Scores from private scorecards are visible in coaching stats.

  • Private scorecard scores are hidden on the Calls and Calls page, but there is still an indication that a scorecard exists.

  • Private scorecards are aggregated in the Insights section but are more difficult to find, so leadership can still view the metrics.

  • Click Public, and choose the Only me option. This makes the scorecard Private, saving it so that no one else sees it. If you want to make the scorecard visible to others, click Private and choose one of the other options.


Edit or delete a scorecard

You can edit or delete a scorecard that you've submitted. Here's how:

  1. Go to the call with the scorecard you wan to edit or delete and click Scoring_icon.png Scoring.

  2. Hover the scorecard and click edit.png or image40.png.

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