Sync calls and meetings to HubSpot
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Sync calls and meetings to HubSpot

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Calls and meetings recorded and analyzed in Gong are exported to HubSpot as either a meeting, call or note object in a Company, Contact, or Deal. By default calls are exported as meetings. If you have already exported calls as one object and change to a different object, the existing calls are not changed to the new object. However, if calls already exported to HubSpot are re-exported, for example if you add a field to the export list, then those calls will be re-created as the new object.


It can take up to six hours to export Gong data to HubSpot.

To export calls to HubSpot:

You can choose whether to export conference call data, or data on calls recorded on a telephony system or both. The data exported includes details such as when the call took place, how long it lasted and what the call resolution was. The call transcript is not exported.

  1. Go to Company settings > CRM > HubSpot and scroll down to Export to HubSpot.

  2. Select whether to export conference calls, or calls recorded on a telephony system or both.


    If you integrate HubSpot with Google calendar, you may have duplicate meeting objects in HubSpot if you export your calls as HubSpot meetings. In this case, choose call or note.

    1. Select Export meeting invites, to get details of planned meetings in HubSpot.  The meeting is later updated with the call recording once it has taken place.

    2. Select Export conference calls to see your conference calls, such as Zoom calls in HubSpot.

    3. Choose the object the meeting and/or calls should be generated in. Meetings and calls must be generated in the same HubSpot object. This lets us display meeting invites and calls in the same record.

    4. Select Export telephony system calls, to export calls recorded on systems your Gong admin defined, to a calls object. Exporting telephony system calls, includes the following types of calls:

      • Call attempts: details of calls that were made but not answered.

      • Short calls: calls that are under 5 minutes.

      • Non recorded calls: details of calls that were made, answered and not recorded.

The object created in Hubspot contains:

  • The call name and participants*

  • A link to the call in Gong

  • The call spotlight including the call brief, highlights and outline

  • A list of meeting attendees*

  • A list of action items identified by Gong

  • The association to a HubSpot entities

  • Call metadata

* The object lists both call participants and attendees, which are defined as follows:

  • Participants refers to people who joined the call.

  • Attendees refers to people who joined the call, who also have a contact record in HubSpot.

Conference calls exported as meetings are displayed as follows in Hubspot:


Conference calls exported as notes are displayed as follows in Hubspot:


Conference calls exported as calls are displayed as follows in Hubspot:


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