Save and manage search filters
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Save and manage search filters

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Save time by saving filters so they're easy to use whenever you want to use them. Set notifications to find out when new calls match your saved filters, and let your colleagues know by setting up notifications for them too.

To automatically collect calls that match specific filters into folders, create a stream.

Save a filter

  1. Choose filters to find specific calls For example, if you want to find calls that your teammates hosted with a specific account, select their name in the Call participants field and select the relevant account in the Account name field.

  2. Click Save.

  3. Give the filter a name and set its visibility. Set to Private and only you'll see the filter. Set to Public and the filter will be visible to anyone in your company using Gong.

  4. To get notified by email when a new call matches your filter, set the alert to Daily, Weekly, or Immediately. Immediate notifications are not possible for filters based on post-call collaborations, such as scorecards or comments.

    If you don't want to be notified when new calls match the filter, leave all the checkboxes clear.

  5. Click SAVE.

Manage saved filters

You can rename, delete, or duplicate your saved filters. You can also change their visibility, and enable email notifications for other people at your org.

  1. Go to Conversations > Search and clicked Saved filters at the top of the filter section. Click MANAGE at the bottom of the pane that opens.

  2. Locate the filter you want to change and do any of the following:

    • Rename: Click image10.png beside the filter name, enter the new name, and then clickrename-filter.png.

    • Delete: Click  DELETE and then click  DELETE in the confirmation message.

    • Duplicate: Click  DUPLICATE, give the filter a new name, and then clickrename-filter.png.

    • Change visibility:

      • If the filter is private, click  MAKE PUBLIC so that other people can see and use the filter.

      • If the filter is public and you created it, you'll be able to click  MAKE PRIVATE. This removes any recipients who receive alerts on the filter.

    • Change alert frequency: Set whether you want alerts to be sent immediately, daily or weekly. Weekly alerts are sent on Fridays at 7 am, IDT.

    • Change alert recipients: Click  ADD RECIPIENTS or  EDIT. Enter the name of the team member you want to alert about new calls that fit the filter's criteria, and then click  SAVE.

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