Connect Dynamics 365 to Gong
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Connect Dynamics 365 to Gong

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This article explains the steps needed to set up the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The user you use to set up the integration must have read permissions for Dynamics 365 and must be a Global Admin in Dynamics 365.

To connect Gong to Dynamics 365:

  1. In Gong, click Company Settings > CRM > Dynamics 365.

  2. In the Dynamics 365 Integration page, click Connect. The user you connect with must have read permissions to the Account, Opportunity, and Contact objects in Dynamics. In addition, if the user you connect with is not a global admin in Dynamics 365, click Ask your admin to send an email to your company's Dynamics 365 global admin with a request to enable the integration.

  3. Enter the URL for your Dynamics 365 instance. If you are not sure of the URL, click to get a list of Dynamics 365 URLs associated with your company.

  4. Log into Microsoft, with your global admin user credentials and approve the integration. If your global admin has already enabled the connection, you can log in with any user.

  5. Select the field in Dynamics 365 you use to hold the stage the opportunity is in. The field you select will be used across Gong as the deal stage. If you do not manage opportunities in Dynamics 365, use the default option (Process code) and click Save and connect to complete the connection.

  6. Once the connection is set up, go to the Dynamics 365 Integration page and select the Dynamics field which holds the deal amount. The value in this field is displayed as the deal value in Gong.

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