Set up the Gong dialer
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Set up the Gong dialer

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Tech admins

Where to go? Sidebar > Company Settings

The Gong dialer enables your team to call prospects directly from Gong. These calls can be recorded, and get the same analytics and insights as all recorded calls in Gong. 

While it's unlikely for a user to reach the threshold, Gong will notify you if usage for any user reaches the 36,000 minutes per seat per year threshold for the dialer.

To enable your team to start using the dialer, you must first enable the dialer for your company and get business numbers. Once enabled, team members with an Engage seat can start using the dialer.

Enable the web dialer

Per team or team member

  1. Go to your company settings and click Team members.

  2. From here, you can enable it for a team member or a full team.

  3. Click Actions, select Change data Capture, and enable Gong Connect.

  4. Alternatively, click the team member’s name. This will take you to their settings page, where you can enable Gong Connect.


Via provisioning

You can enable Gong Connect for individual provisioning groups through team member provisioning. To enable team members to use the Gong Dialer, ensure you’ve enabled Gong Connect for their provisioning group. For more details on team member provisioning, see Provisioning team members.

Get business numbers

In order to use the web dialer for prospecting, you need to get business numbers for your team.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your company settings and under Data capture, click Gong Connect. This page shows the numbers that have already been provisioned, who the numbers are available to, and what number inbound calls get routed to.

  2. Click the Business numbers tab and click Get business numbers.

  3. Select which country the number should be provisioned from. You will be prompted to provide a business address for countries that require one in order to get a phone number


  4. Enter the area code you want the number to be from, and click Search.

  5. Multiple numbers for that area code will be displayed. Choose the ones you want and click Done.

The numbers you select now appear on the Business numbers page, and are available by default to all users. This means anyone in your org with access to the Gong dialer can use them to make outgoing calls.

For more information about requirements for provisioning phone numbers, you can refer to Twilio's regulatory compliance guidelines.

Notice about UK numbers

Starting July 29, 2024, it's required to complete regulatory documentation to get new UK numbers. To make this easy, you can fill it out directly through Gong at this link

You'll be prompted to complete this documentation when you click Get business numbers and select UK. Follow the prompts to submit your documentation directly from Gong. 

Once submitted, you can track the documentation status in the Regulatory compliance tab. If your documentation is rejected, review it for errors and correct them before resubmitting. Once approved, you're clear to get UK numbers. 

To continue using any UK numbers you currently have, submit your regulatory documentation by September 30, 2024. If documentation is not submitted by this deadline, your existing UK numbers will be deactivated. 

For more information about this change, you can refer to Twilio's regulatory compliance guidelines.

Assign numbers

By default, all business numbers are available to all users in your org who have access to the dialer. To assign a specific number to a specific team member, click Assign and select from the team members that appear. (Only team members with access to the dialer will appear here.)

Once the number is assigned to a specific team member, only that person can make calls from it. You can assign multiple numbers to a single user.


Enhance your team’s outreach with local dialing

Local dialing helps reps connect more effectively by automatically providing numbers with the same area code as the number they’re dialing, when available. The number is displayed to the person they’re calling as an ordinary number, just like any other business number in Gong.

How to enable local dialing

  1. Go to Company Settings > Gong Connect

  2. In the Phone numbers tab, toggle on Enable local dialing

Calling US/Canada numbers

When reps select Local number from the Calling from dropdown, Gong looks for an assigned number or company number that matches the destination country code, prioritized by area code. If none are available, Gong automatically provisions a new number with the same area code.

Calling non-US/Canada numbers

When reps select Local number from the Calling from dropdown, Gong automatically selects an assigned number or company number that matches the destination country code, prioritized by area code, if there is one available. Automatic provisioning is not currently available outside of the US/Canada. Getting business numbers for countries outside of the US and Canada is done via Gong Support and usually requires specific regulation forms.

Receiving inbound calls when local dialing is used

If a rep makes a call using local dialing and the person calls them back, Gong routes the inbound call to the last person who dialed their number, according to person’s Inbound calls preferences.

Incoming calls

Set a forwarding number so that prospects can call back. This number will be used in the following situations:

  • A rep makes a call using a number available to all users

  • A rep makes a call using a number assigned only to them, and does not set a personal forwarding number

To set a forwarding number available to all users:

  1. Click your name at the top right and go to Company Settings

  2. Under Data Capture, click Gong Connect

  3. At the top of the page, click Set forwarding number


  4. Enter the number you want to use. Then click Call me to receive a code at the number you entered


  5. The number is now verified and available as a forwarding number for all users.

If you don’t set a company forwarding number, and if reps haven’t set their own personal forwarding numbers, prospects who try to call back will not be able to complete their call.

Inbound calls made to a company forwarding number are routed to the last team member who dialed the prospect or customer from that company number.

About consent

Calls within the USA and Canada aren't automatically recorded by the Gong dialer by default. You can set your system up to automatically record calls and you can exclude specific area codes as necessary. Different countries each have their own rules around recording consent, and it's your organization's responsibility to understand what those rules are when making calls.

Block automatic recording for certain US area codes

Prevent automatic recording for phone calls placed to certain US area codes. This is useful for complying with call recording regulations.

When set, calls made to numbers with these prefixes will not be recorded automatically, but the caller can turn on recording manually.

  1. Go to Company settings and click  Data protection & privacy

  2. In the Gong Connect calls area, enter the area codes, separated by a comma


  3. Click UPDATE.

Enable team members to make and record outbound calls from their mobile phones

Through a VoIP service within the Gong mobile app, reps can make outbound calls from their mobile phones.

Admin flow:  Enable teams to use the Gong dialer from mobile

User flow:  Capture mobile calls with Gong Connect

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