Using notes
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Using notes

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

Where to go? For notes on accounts: Sidebar > Engage > Accounts | For notes on contacts or leads: Anywhere in Engage

Throughout Engage, you can use notes to keep track of important information that will help you stay on top of deal progress. Notes also make it easy to collaborate with your team.

You can create and view notes about a specific account or a specific person. You do not need to be the owner of an account, deal, contact or lead to add a note to that object.

Syncing notes to your CRM can be enabled by your admin. When enabled, every note written in Engage is attributed to the standard Note object and the contact/lead/account-associated notes in the CRM.

Where to access notes in Engage

Access notes about an account:

  • From Accounts: Each account has a Notes tab, where you can see all the notes related to this account left by you or your teammates

  • While writing an email in the email composer

  • While making a call in the dialer

Access notes about a contact or lead:

  • From anywhere in Engage: Click on someone's name to open person view, where you can see any notes you and your teammates have left that are related to this person

  • While writing an email in the email composer

  • While making a call in the dialer

Navigate to the relevant call directly from a note

If a note was taken in the context of a call, a purple call label will automatically get added to the note. If you want to review that call, click on the label and the call opens in a new tab.


Who else can see and edit my notes?

Any team member with access to the account can see your notes, but not edit them. Only the creator of a note can edit or delete it. Admins can't edit or delete another person's notes.

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