Forecast: Update your forecast
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Forecast: Update your forecast

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Who's this for? Account Executive, Frontline Manager, Manager of Managers

Where to go? Deals > Forecast

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

If you're quota-carrying, you’ll get reminders in-app and in Slack (for orgs with Slack integration) when it’s time to update your forecast based on your org’s forecasting cadence.

How to forecast

  1. At the top of the forecast board, select the period and line of business to forecast for (ex: Q3, FY20205, New business). If you need to forecast for more than one line of business, choose Business total.

  2. Click the cell of the forecast number you wish to update (ex: Target attainment). A panel will open from the right, where you can submit your number for the selected category.

  3. If you want to drill into the deals in the selected category to call an accurate number, click “Show deals”. The selected deal board will open below, allowing you to focus on specific deals (ex: deals with red flag warnings).

  4. Update your forecast and optionally add any additional context or notes for your manager.

  5. Click Save.

  6. To update your numbers for more than one line of business, select it, and repeat steps 1-5.

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