Digital interactions feed
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Digital interactions feed

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

The digital interactions feed shows updates on prospect and customer activity to help reps focus on accounts and contacts showing intent and engagement. Access the digital interactions feed at the top right of the To-dos page by clicking on the lightning bolt.

Which events are shown in the digital interactions feed?

You’ll see events related to:

  • Contacts from accounts assigned to you in your CRM

  • Leads assigned to you in your CRM

  • Deals you own in your CRM 

Coming soon: see events based on your activity, like sending an email or adding someone to a flow, not just CRM assignment. 

What happens if I change the to-do assignee?

If you change the To-do assignee at the top left of the To-dos page to someone else, your feed will still show only your events, not the events of the new to-do assignee you selected.

Are the events in the digital interactions feed limited to a specific time frame?

Events are limited to the last 14 days.

How do I know when I have new updates?

See how many new updates you have in your digital interactions feed indicated by the red number next to the lightning bolt icon.

These are the types of events you can expect to find in the feed:



Email opened 

Someone opened an email sent via Gong or Gmail using the Gong Chrome Extension

Link clicked 

Someone clicked on a link in an email sent via Gong or or Gmail using the Gong Chrome Extension

Shared call viewed/shared call snippet viewed

Someone viewed a shared call or call snippet

Third party app interactions (digital interactions)

Indicates when prospects interact with third-party apps integrated with Gong, such as taking a survey or viewing a contract.

See the list of apps that can create digital interactions in Gong. To connect to these apps, talk to your admin

I’m not seeing any updates in my digital interactions feed. Why not?

You may not see any updates here if leads, accounts, or deals in your CRM haven’t been assigned to you, or if contacts and leads from accounts assigned to you haven’t had any activity yet. If you don’t have any digital interactions and it’s possible that leads, accounts, and deals haven’t been assigned to you, talk to your admin. If they’ve been assigned to you and you still aren’t seeing any activity, contact Gong support.

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