Configure the Dialer recording methods
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Configure the Dialer recording methods

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Where to go: Click Company settings > Gong Connect

Regulations for recording calls are different in different countries and in the USA are different between states. As a result, you may want to set up different recording methods for different regions. The default recording method is manual.

The recording methods can't be overriden when reps make calls. For example, if the recording method for a region is rep-side only, the rep can't record the entire conversation. Reps can stop the recording.

To configure the Dialer recording methods:

  1. Select the default recording method that should be applied to all calls made worldwide:

    • Manual: (default) calls are only be recorded if the person making the call initiates the recording

    • Automatic: calls are recorded automatically

    • Rep-side only: calls are recorded automatically, but only the rep is recorded

    • Don't allow recording: the record button isn't displayed and the rep can't record the call

  2. Define recording methods for specific areas. These settings will override the default recording method.

    1. Click + Add customization.

    2. Select the country and the recording method you want for that country.

    3. For the USA: you can set a single recording method for the entire country or you can set different recording methods for different area codes as follows:

      1. In the Country drop down list, select United States (Specific area codes).

      2. Choose the recording method for the area codes.

      3. In Enter area codes for this recording method, add each 3 digit area code. Separate the area codes with a comma.

  3. Click Update.

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