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My Settings

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In the top nav bar, click your name, and then click My Settings and you'll see what's been set up for you in Gong.

Most of the information here is read-only, but you may need to come here to finalize your set up, opt in to voice identification, or identify your business or tech admin.


What's shown in your settings depends on your org set up, and may contain any of the following:

  • Web conference recording: Shows when you're set up for web conference recording, and if there are any issues.

  • Calendar meetings: Show whether your calendar events are imported into Gong.

  • Call import: Shows whether you're set up for importing telephony system calls, and if there are any issues.

  • Gong Connect: Shows whether you're set up for recording calls made through the Gong mobile app.

    For Engage users: See the list of business numbers available for you to use when contacting potential leads or customers.

    Set and verify your personal number so that your personal number is used for outbound calls and calls to your business numbers will be forwarded to your personal number and you won't miss calls. Choose whether you want your personal number to be used for:

    • Making outbound calls with the web dialer

    • Forwarding inbound calls

    If you call people using a number that is available to your whole team, return calls will not be directed to this number.

  • Voice identification: Shows when your Gong admin has enabled voice identification in your org, in order to use a sample of your voice recordings to better recognize you on telephony calls. To opt in, click Review and agree.

  • Email: Shows when you're set up to have emails imported into Gong. If you haven't finished setting this up yet, click Connect and follow the instructions. Also shows if you've turned on write-permission for Gong.

    *For Engage users: Update your scheduling links. You can incorporate scheduling link variables in email templates so they'll populate automatically.

  • CRM Connection: Shows when your org has a CRM integration, and whether you can edit deal boards in Gong, and have the info synced to your CRM.


If any setting doesn't look right to you, contact your business or tech admin.

Your manager, your team, and company admins

In the next sections, you'll see your manager and your team.

The team hierarchy in Gong is usually set by automatic provisioning, and affects what happens in Gong's coaching elements. If you think there may be a mistake in what you're seeing in Your manager and Your team, contact your Gong admin.

Your admin can help you change your settings if you feel you need access to something you can't get into, or if you need help with light troubleshooting.

Business admins: These people can configure business settings and most coaching areas.

Technical admins: These people can configure all company and integration settings.

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