What are to-dos?
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What are to-dos?

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

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The to-dos you see in Engage are a combination of tasks and reminders that help you stay on top of your daily work. To-do types include:

  • Emails: These to-dos prompt you to send or reply to an email. They can be generated by Gong, flow steps, or one-off to-dos you create yourself.

  • Calls: These to-dos prompt you to make a call. They can be generated by flow steps or one-off to-dos you create yourself.

  • LinkedIn messages: These to-dos prompt you to send a message to a prospect through LinkedIn. They can be generated by flow steps.

  • LinkedIn connection requests: These to-dos prompt you to send a connection request to a prospect through LinkedIn. They can be generated by flow steps.

  • Tasks: These to-dos prompt you to complete a custom task. They can be generated by flow steps or one-off to-dos you create yourself.

To-dos can be generated from various sources, including:

  • Gong-recommended to-dos: Gong identifies potential actions you might want to take with prospects and customers. With Gong letting you know about these actions, there’s less of a chance that something will slip through the cracks. Some of these to-dos are generated using AI.

  • Flow to-dos: These to-dos are generated by flow steps. They let you know when a flow step is due, and when flow events happen involving contacts or leads you’re assigned to.

  • To-dos created by you: One-off to-dos that you create for yourself also appear on your to-do list. You can link them to contacts, leads, accounts, and deals.

You can see your to-dos:

  • Throughout Engage: See them in To-dos, Accounts, and if you’re an opportunity owner, in Pipeline and individual deal pages.

  • Email: In addition to the to-dos you see in Engage, you'll receive a daily email notification with a summary of your new and open to-dos. This email is sent once a day and includes Gong-recommended to-dos only. You can select when you want to receive it in My Notifications under your profile in Gong.

  • Slack: You can also get a Slack notification once a day about open to-dos from the last 24 hours. You'll see this notification on both Slack desktop and mobile. If you click a to-do from your desktop, you’ll be directed to Engage. From mobile, you’ll be directed to the Gong mobile app.

    To receive Slack notifications, your admin should set up an integration between Slack and Gong. You’ll also need to check with your admin that Engage Slack notifications are turned on at the company level.

    Go to My Notifications under your profile in Gong to select what time of day you want to receive Slack notifications, or to opt out. If your admin toggles Slack notifications off for your company, you won’t receive notifications, regardless of your personal setup.

To-dos FAQs

Why does a to-do appear when I've already sent a follow-up mail?

Gong monitors your email, and we mark to-dos as done when we identify that you sent a follow-up mail. Sometimes, typically if you sent a follow-up email during or just after the call, we might miss it and miss marking the to-do done.

Does writing an email directly from a to-do require a new permission?

Yes, it does. The first time you click WRITE EMAIL, Gong asks you for permission to write emails. Giving Gong this permission means the emails you compose in Gong are integrated with your email client (Gmail or Office365) and sent directly from them. This means:

  • Emails you send appear in your client Sent folder.

  • Emails you compose but don't send appear in your email client Drafts folder.

  • If the to-do was triggered from an existing email thread (for example, an Out of Office reply), the email is included in the existing thread in your email client.

Are the emails that I send directly from to-dos tracked?

Yes, they are! Emails sent from Gong are tracked for "Email open" events and "Email links clicked" events, and are displayed as events in the deal activity timeline.

Are there any admin permissions that relate to sending emails from to-dos?

If you’re a tech admin, you can opt out of this capability for your entire account. To do this, go to Company Settings and in the Data Capture section, select the email provider that you integrate with Gong (Gmail or Office 365). Under Connection Import Settings, deselect the Allow team members to send emails via Gong toggle.

Why is the link to the call recording set to expire in a certain amount of days?

The access period for shared call is defined in your company settings. Contact your Gong admin to change the default.

Why does a to-do say it will be removed tonight

AI-generated to-dos are removed after 7 days in order to keep your to-dos current and relevant.

Where do the action items come from?

Gong picks up action items that were mentioned on the call by you or other attendees, and surfaces them in the to-do to make sure you don't miss anything in your follow-up.

Do all the calls that I host trigger to-dos?

No. Calls that are less than 10 minutes long, or only include participants from your company, do not trigger a to-do to follow-up.

I'm not seeing Gong-recommended to-dos. Why not?

To-dos will show for organizations with a CRM integration and with emails imported to Gong. If you think you should be seeing to-dos, talk to your Gong admin.

What happens to to-dos when a contact or lead is deleted in the CRM?

When a contact or lead is deleted in the CRM, their flow is stopped, and any associated flow to-dos are deleted from Gong. Any associated non-flow to-dos created manually by you or other team members will not be deleted.

Which to-dos are supported in languages besides English?

Fully supported in languages besides English: call/meeting follow up, meeting confirmation, intro, no next meeting

Partially supported in languages besides English: nudge, response, back from OOO

For AI-generated follow-up emails, they are generated in the same language as the call.

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