Set sign in method
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Set sign in method

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In Company settings, under Authentication, select how users sign in to Gong, affecting automatic logout times. Some methods require setup in providers first. Options include email, password, and Gong credentials. Team members are logged out after two weeks with Gong credentials, while common identity providers vary from 10 hours to 90 days. Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce are examples. Additional providers log out after 30 minutes of inactivity, with customizable settings for SAML SSO. Users are locked out for 60 minutes after five failed login attempts. For more details, refer to the authentication method guides.

Where to go: Click Company settings > Authentication

Choose how people at your organization sign in to Gong. The method you chose affects when your team members are automatically logged out. Note that some authentication methods require setup in the provider before completing the setup in Gong. Refer to the relevant authentication method guides linked to below.

  1. In the Authentication page, in the Authentication methods area, choose any combination of the following methods:

    • Email address & password: Select Gong credentials to allow people to set up and sign in to Gong using Gong credentials. Team members are automatically logged out after two weeks.

    • Common identity providers

      Team members are automatically logged out from between 10 hours to 90 days, depending on the policy you set in your provider.

      • Google

      • Microsoft

      • Salesforce

    • Additional authentication providers

      Team members are logged out after 30 minutes of non-activity by default. For SAML SSO providers, the session logout time can be customized. For information about specific providers, see:

  2. Click Update.


Got questions about sign in methods? Check out the Authentication FAQs.

What is the account lockout threshold?

Users who have five failed login attempts are locked out of their accounts for 60 minutes.

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