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Jump easily from Gong to Clari - open the opportunity in Clari from Gong. More details are available on our Clari integration page.


Connect Gong to Clari


  • Your company must have a Clari account

  • The Gong admin setting up the connection does not need a Clari account

How to connect

  1. In Gong, click Company settings > Ecosystem > Integrations to get a list of applications you have already integrated with Gong.

  2. Click Add integration to open the Gong collective. Search for Clari, and on the Clari integration page, click Connect.

  3. Follow the instructions to connect your Gong and Clari accounts.


Why should we integrate with Clari?

Clari automatically captures and analyzes opportunity data, and predicts which deals will close vs which are at risk. Gong looks inside sales conversations. With a Gong-Clari integration, Gong feeds that conversation data into Clari's predictive modeling, giving you a full view into every deal in your pipeline.

Minimize jumping back and forth between Clari and Gong. When enabled, Gong displays "Open opportunity in Clari" links throughout the platform, allowing you to jump directly to the same deal in Clari.

What should I expect when I enable the Clari integration?

The ability to open the opportunity in context appears in:

  • The account page

  • The Deals page

  • Call pages

What do I need to do after I connect Gong to Clari?

No extra set up is required! Just let your Gong users know that they'll be able to use the "Open opportunity in Clari" links throughout the platform, and jump directly to the same deal in Clari.

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