Apply opportunity splits
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Apply opportunity splits

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If you use opportunity splits in your CRM to share revenue between several reps on the sales team, we support that in Gong as follows:

  • In deal boards: View deals and track pipeline based on the team’s attributed share of the deal

    Hover over the splits symbol Splits.png to view share attribution details

  • In forecast boards: Forecast for only the the team’s attributed share of the deal

In both deal and forecast boards, we attribute the relevant portion of the deal amount to each rep, and roll up totals in deal boards and forecast boards accordingly.

This setup is commonly used with opportunity teams - learn more.


At present, we only support Salesforce CRM, and you must use the standard Salesforce object ‘Opportunity Splits’.

The integration user must have access to any objects you use with opportunity objects, such as opp teams, splits, and products.

If you use a custom object, let your CSM know and we’ll try to help.

Set up

  1. Make sure that opportunity splits are set up in your CRM.

    Gong automatically recognizes when splits are applied to people and amount fields.

  2. In the deal board settings > Amount section:

    • Make sure that the Amount field is set to the CRM field that splits are applied to.

    • Select Apply opportunity splits in deal amounts and rollups.


What is shown when two team members split a deal? Do you count the deal amount twice?

Per person, we show the deal with the relevant attribution.

When looking at a team where two team members split a deal, we show the deal once.


Rep A and Rep B split a deal 50:50.

When Rep A or B look at their deals, they see the deal with 50% attribution, that is 50% of the deal value.

When Rep A and Rep B's manager looks at the team deals, they see the deal with 100% attribution, that is Rep A's 50% and Rep B's 50% combined.

Can a deal value exceed 100% (overlays)?

Yes - we show overlays if you set up overlay split types on the relevant amount field in your CRM.

We have splits on different amount fields in Salesforce. Which ones will Gong use?

We apply all active split types defined in Salesforce for the amount field that's used to roll-up amounts in the deal or forecast board.

Deactivated splits, or splits that apply to any other amount field won't be applied in Gong.

Why can't I see opportunity splits in my forecast analytics?

We don't support opportunity splits in forecast analytics at this time.

Troubleshooting: Not seeing split amounts

There are two aspects to consider.

First, splits have to be assigned to team members. We show split amounts for teams or team members when there are splits assigned to them.  

Next, splits must be associated to the amount field that's being used to roll up deals in the board. We apply splits that are assigned to the amount field that's selected in the board Amount.

How to fix:

In your CRM:

  1. Verify that the deals you're looking at have assigned splits on them.

  2. Check the “Split types” settings. Which split types are enabled? Which amount field are they applied to?

In your deal board:

  1. Check you're looking at deals and teams where splits are applied.

  2. Check which amount field is used in the board (Go here, step 7).

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