Zoom integration overview
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Zoom integration overview

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Integrating Gong with Zoom lets you record your calls in Zoom and then import them to Gong, so that your calls can be associated with your Gong activities. When setting up the integration, you can set it up for your entire company or for specific users.


Gong can integrate with Zoom's Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. We don't support the Basic (free) plan. ZoomGov is not supported

Recording options

Choose one of the following methods to integrate Gong with Zoom:

  • Native Zoom recording (recommended): Set up native zoom recording so that the call is recorded in Zoom and automatically pulled into Gong.

  • Record calls using the Gong bot: The Gong bot is added to your meetings to record the call, and bring it into Gong. On such calls, your Gong users can listen in to the call live via Gong.

Advantages of connecting Gong to Zoom

Whichever recording method you're using, connecting Gong to Zoom provides a number of advantages:

  • More accurate meeting attribution and speaker and participant identification (including host identification when using Zoom Rooms)

  • Switch Zoom user settings to VOIP automatically and make sure Gong records calls (bot recording)

  • The ability to pause and resume the conversation when there may be sensitive information - Gong will stitch the recordings together, indicating that there was a pause

  • Leverage the Gong consent page to make sure you have participant consent to record:

    • Dynamic links: The integration allows Gong to generate unique Zoom links for every meeting scheduled with the Gong add-in:

      Gong for Google calendar: domain-wide or per individual

      Gong for Outlook: domain-wide or per individual

    • Personal meeting (static) links: The integration allows Gong to associate personal meeting links with the team member's Gong consent page

      When you use the Gong consent page with Zoom, Gong automatically links the Zoom personal meeting room to each team member's consent page link.


Gong can integrate with Zoom's Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. We don't support the Basic (free) plan.

Native Zoom recording has a few additional advantages - such as the highest possible recording quality, bring the Zoom chat into Gong, the benefit of our app for note-taking - go to our Native Zoom recording article to learn more.

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