What is Data capture?
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What is Data capture?

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Data capture is the term used for how Gong identifies and imports interactions with your customers. Gong captures and imports your activities, such as telephony calls, emails, and web conference meetings. We then analyze your activities and apply AI capabilities to provide insights as to how you can improve your organization, teams and deals, and suggest action items for your sales managers and account executives.

Depending on your setup, Gong can capture the following: 

  • Voice based customer activities, such as telephony calls, web conference calls

  • Text based customer activities, such as emails and text messages

  • Digital interactions, such as customers signing documents or viewing your website

Setting up an integration with your CRM will enable us to enrich your activities by adding business context information together with your activities. 

This diagram shows the flow of capturing data to displaying it in Gong:

What data is imported?

Data imported for telephony calls: 

  • The audio recording, recorded by the external provider (such as, RingCentral, 8x8, ZoomPhone)

  • Call metadata, captured by the external provider

  • Call attempts and calls without recordings

Data imported for web conference calls: 

  • Audio and video files: These can be recorded either by adding the Gong bot to the call, or if your provider is Zoom, set up the native Zoom integration so that calls can be recorded and ingested into Gong by Zoom.

  • Web conference metadata: details about the call are imported regardless of whether the call was recorded.

Data imported for emails: 

  • Email subject and body, timestamps, recipients, and metadata

Data imported for text messages: 

  • SMS participants, SMS body text

Data imported for digital interactions: Gong integrates with a variety of platforms to provide a comprehensive view of the customer’s digital footprint. Those platforms include: 

  • Content Management System (CMS) digital interactions

  • Video Management System (VMS) digital interactions

  • Gifting Platforms digital interactions

  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) digital interactions

  • Buyer Intent digital interactions

How is the data used?

Data captured by Gong is spread across the platform, for example, calls can be seen and listened to in the Home page, Conversations and Deals. Emails are displayed in the activity timeline for deal boards. Captured data is also used in Engage for advanced features like AI-generated follow-up emails and AI-generated call outcomes. Deal likelihood, deal warnings, the Win/Loss analysis, insights and coaching depend on captured data to provide analysis on your deal health and team productivity.

Setting up data capture

To see what data can be captured for each team member, see About managing team members.  

Setting up data capture involves:

  • Ensuring the company and user settings are configured to allow data capture 

  • Ensuring your company settings are set up so calls can be recorded 

  • Integrating Gong with your providers for conference calls, telephony calls, calendar, emails, text messages and digital interactions

  • Configuring domains, email addresses, and other types of calls that should not be imported into Gong 

This table lists the actions needed to set up your system to capture activities. All configurations are done in the Company settings page:

Where to go

What to do


Data capture section

Google Workspace or Office 365

Connect to either Google Workspace or Office 365

So that your team meetings, calendar and emails are imported to Gong

Web conferencing

Integrate your web conferencing provider

So that your calls can be recorded and imported to Gong


You can set up the Zoom integration to record calls natively by Zoom and not with the Gong bot. See Native Zoom recording


Telephony systems

Supported telephony systems

So that calls you make with telephony systems can be imported to Gong

Gong Connect

Set up the Gong dialer

So that you can get virtual phone numbers to make calls via the Gong dialer

Recording settings

Define the recording settings

So that you can define your call recording policy for the entire company. These settings are overridden for individual team members if their data capture settings differ from here.

Recording consent

Enable the Gong consent page

So that Gong knows how to obtain recording consent from meeting participants

Data protection privacy

Security compliance

Set your company data protection and privacy policies, for example, when emails, web conference calls shouldn’t be imported to Gong, and how calls can be shared with external contacts.

Ecosystem section > Integrations

Add integrations with tech partners

So that you can see your customer’s digital activities, such as when they watched a video, visited your website, or signed a document in Gong.

People section

Team member provisioning

Manage recording permissions when provisioning

So that you can set different data capture settings for different groups of users.


Team members

Manage team members

So that you can set different data capture settings for different team members

Each team member, in their My settings page

Each team member to connect their calendar

Ask each recorded team member to connect their calendar to Gong

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