Integrate Google Workspace
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Integrate Google Workspace

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Set up Google Workspace integration so that your calendar meetings and emails are picked up and synced to Gong. There are many benefits to syncing your Google Workspace email and calendar to Gong - it means you'll get the richest data possible in Deals boards, and enables the account timeline to provide the maximum benefit by giving you the most complete picture of a customer account possible. Note that Gong only imports calendar events from each user's primary calendar, which is the email address listed as the primary in their Gong profile.

Before you start set up, decide if you want to connect, user-by-user or company-wide.


The person who does the set up in Google must have a Google mailbox. Without a Google mailbox, Gong can't successfully set up email and calendar import.


This is the simpler of the two options. You decide whose emails and meetings you want to import to Gong so that their emails to prospects can be seen in Gong as part of each account. With this option, only emails and meetings that are associated with the chosen users are imported. This option is typically used when setting up a company in Gong.


If you're a new customer, running a pilot, or only have a few users, you may decide to connect user-by-user. This connects you, the company’s admin, as the first user. Decide which team members (including yourself) you want to connect Google Workspace for. Each person receives an email (with a link) with instructions on how to connect their Google Workspace to Gong.


This email is sent only once to every user.

What Google Workspace permissions does the Gong app need?

Gong requires read-only access to the following elements:

  • Calendars - to view calendar resources on your domain

  • Email messages and settings - to view your email messages and settings

  • Email address - to view your email address
  • Personal info - to view your personal info, including any personal info you’ve made publicly available, and to associate you with your personal info on Google


Read more about these scopes at, here.

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