Twilio Flex
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Twilio Flex

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Connect to Twilio Flex to import telephony calls made with this provider.

  1. Ask your Twilio Flex admin for your Twilio Flex Username, Password, Platform ID, and Account number.

  2. Import users to Gong and set them to record before integrating Twilio Flex in Gong.

  3. Click Company settings > Data capture > Telephony systems.

  4. Click + Add telephony system.

  5. Select Twilio (Twilio Flex).

  6. In the Account Number field, enter your Twilio Flex account SID.

  7. In the API Keys field, enter your Twilio Flex API.

  8. In the Client Secret field, enter your Twilio Flex account SID.

  9. Click CONNECT.

Dual channel recording

Twilio Flex supports dual channel recording - enabling you to obtain a recording of your call with two distinct channels: a customer (caller) channel and an agent channel. To set up and enable dual channel recording, please refer to the Twilio Flex guide.


Gong recommends using dual channel recording as it offers many advantages over single-channel (mono) recordings:

  • Easier to analyze the content of a recording using transcription and keyword analysis

  • Vastly improved quality of the voice recording upon playback

  • Streamlines the call analysis process

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