Provisioning team members
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Provisioning team members

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The section provides guidance on how tech admins can provision team members in Gong through automatic provisioning. This process involves importing and updating user data from the IDP to Gong, defining assignments for seats, data capture, and permissions. Different assignments can be created for various teams within the organization. Admins can set up permissions and data capture settings for team members, ensuring they have the necessary Gong seat to access specific features. It is essential to assign the correct seat along with permissions to enable team members to utilize all features effectively. Learn more about provisioning team members in Gong for further assistance.

The articles in this section explain how tech admins can provision team members in Gong. Set up automatic provisioning so that your users are automatically imported to and updated in Gong based on the data in your IDP.

Automatic provisioning includes setting up an assignment which defines the Gong seats, data capture, permissions and other settings when importing team members from your IDP. You can define multiple assignments so that you give different capabilities to different teams in your organization.

When setting up the assignment, you can determine which seats, permissions and data capture settings will automatically be assigned to your team members when they are imported to Gong. Certain permissions require a seat in order for the team member to be able to use the feature. If you assign permissions without the relevant Gong seat, they will not be able to access these features until you have assigned the correct seat.

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