Integrate Office 365
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Integrate Office 365

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Integrate with Office 365 so that calendar meetings and emails are picked up. If you already connected team members' calendars, just add email. This gives you visibility to what calendar and email events are happening on all of your accounts. Note that Gong only imports calendar events from each user's primary calendar, which is the email address listed as the primary in their Gong profile.

We support two connection options:

  • Company-wide: This connection enables you to turn on connection for multiple people, of your choosing. For this connection option, the connection invite and the need for the individual team member to connect are not required. This email is sent only once to every user.

  • User-by-user: Typically used when running a pilot, or if only connecting a few users. In this setup, the Office 365 admin connects Gong to Office 365 as the first user, and then turns connection on for all team members you want to connect for. These people then receive an email from Gong, inviting them to connect their Office 365 account to Gong.

What Office 365 permissions does the Gong app need?

Gong requires read-only access to the following elements:

Permissions required for company-wide set up

  • Email

  • Calendar

  • Personal info


Permissions required for user-by-user set up

  • Offline access

  • User profile

  • Authentication

  • Email


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