What happens after connecting to Gong
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What happens after connecting to Gong

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Where to go: Click Company settings > Data capture > Google Workspace or Office 365

Once your team members' calendars and emails are connected, we scan their mailboxes and import all emails sent or received in the last 12 months where we can match the sender or recipient with a CRM account.

We can also scan their calendars and import meetings from the last 12 months where we can match the participants with a CRM account. In most cases this process will take between 2-12 hours. New emails are only imported once existing emails have been synced. Gong only imports calendar events from each user's primary calendar, which is the email address listed as the primary in their Gong profile.

To make sure calendar events from the last 12 months are imported:

  1. In the calendar and email integration settings, select Import all meetings, including meetings not set to be recorded. See Google / Microsoft Outlook for details.

  2. In each team members' data capture settings, select Import non-recorded meetings. See Change settings for a team for details.

Account emails and meetings from the past year can be seen in the Deals tabs and account page.

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