Create an exclude list for web conference recording
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Create an exclude list for web conference recording

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Create a list of domains, email addresses, and titles for web conferences that you don't want recorded. For example, you might want to exclude web conferences with a specific service provider based on their domain, email address, or a call title that indicates it's an internal call, like "Quarterly review".

We've set up terms that are excluded by default.

To edit or update the default exclude list:

  1. Go to Company settings > Data protection & privacy and click Edit.

  2. Enter items you want to exclude. Enter each value on a separate line or separated by a comma.

    • Domains

    • Email addresses

    • Words in title

      This can include phrases that have one or more words, and will match “as-is” with a phrase found in the title. This field is not case sensitive.

  3. Click Save.

    No new web conferences that fit the criteria are imported.


We only check the title and address of the web conference invitations for terms in the exclude list.

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