The flow of email data within Gong
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The flow of email data within Gong

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Understand how Gong retrieves and stores your email data.

After integration with Google Workspace or Office 365, Gong imports calls and emails from connected team members.

Email attachments are not ingested into Gong.


  1. A team member with admin permissions within Gong sets up the connection between the company’s Google Workspace/Office 365 and Gong. Admin then selects which team members’ emails are imported to Gong.

  2. Gong scans the mailboxes of the designated team members and retrieves the email headers.

  3. Gong scans the email headers against the exclude list for any excluded domains, strings or email addresses. For more details, see Remove unwanted emails.

  4. Gong cross-references the sender and recipient fields against the CRM to verify that at least one field matches a known customer. (It retries later if needed.)

  5. Gong retrieves and stores the emails in the cloud. They are encrypted during transit and in storage. Attachments are not saved.

  6. Authorized team members can access the password-protected Gong application to recall the data and analyze it.


Any email headers that are excluded or not matched to a known customer are quarantined for one month and can then be destroyed. The quarantine is to enable Gong to match accounts with email headers if there was a delay in registering them in your CRM

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