Remove unwanted emails
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Remove unwanted emails

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There are three approaches to handling unwanted emails in Gong.

Avoid importing unwanted emails by domain

By default, Gong does not import some types of emails. In addition, you can define an exclude list in the Data Protection & Privacy area. For details, see Excluding emails from import.

Avoid importing unwanted emails by Gong user

For a team or individual, you can select one of the following email import options:

  • Import emails: Imports all relevant emails

  • Don't import emails: Doesn't import any emails that are addressed to the individual (in the "To" field), or sent by the individual, unless another team member is also included in the email, and their import setting for emails is turned on. Emails where the individual is CC'd are imported.

  • Never import emails: No emails that are addressed to the individual or sent by the individual are imported, even when the email includes another team member whose import setting for emails is turned on

Learn how to set email import for a team or individual in the data capture step when adding or editing a team member.

Remove unwanted emails ad hoc

Team members can flag an email as unwanted, and send it to Gong admin to remove it from the relevant account. As the Gong admin, you can remove the email and set up an exclude rule for the email address or domain. For more details, see Exclude an email address or domain by user request.

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