Native Zoom recording
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Native Zoom recording

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When using Zoom web-conferencing, enable native Zoom recording for the best experience and recording quality.


To enable Zoom Native recording feature you must have one of the following Zoom licenses:

  • Zoom Pro

  • Zoom Business

  • Zoom Enterprise

Benefits to recording with native Zoom

Gong governs native recording with Zoom in a similar fashion as recording with the Gong bot, meaning that the same business logic and privacy settings in Gong apply. Gong will start Zoom recording and retrieve the recordings from Zoom based on these rules.

Recording with Zoom (native recording) has clear benefits:

  • Highest-possible video and audio recording

  • On-screen recording notification

  • Host can stop, start, and pause the recording as needed (for example, this is useful when screen-sharing or discussing sensitive information)

  • No phantom meeting participant (i.e. the Gong bot)

  • Ability to leverage Zoom's customizable consent options

  • Zoom's recording prompt plays privately so participants only hear it once

  • Bring call Zoom chats into Gong

  • Leverage Gong app for Zoom to take notes during meetings that are timestamped and shown in the call page

A few limitations compared to recording with the Gong bot:

Note that it can take a little longer for the call to appear in Gong. This is due to Gong waiting for the call to be ready in Zoom for retrieval.

What to do next: enable Zoom recording!

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