Set up Zoom recording with the Gong bot
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Set up Zoom recording with the Gong bot

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You must ensure the Record to computer files settings are toggled to on (in Zoom - Settings - Recording). Your Zoom admin can enable this for all users. We won’t be able to record calls if this isn’t configured correctly.

You can record your Zoom calls by adding the Gong bot as a participant to your meetings. The Gong bot is displayed the same as any other participant in the call and is an alternative for recording calls when native Zoom recording isn’t used. Native Zoom recording can’t be used in calls where:

  • The call host doesn't have a Gong seat which includes permissions to record calls

  • The user doesn’t have the correct settings to allow native Zoom recording

  • Someone outside your organization hosts the meeting

We therefore recommend setting up both Zoom native recording and recording with the Gong bot.

To set up the Zoom integration to record with the Gong bot:

  • In Company settings > Data capture > Web conferencing, toggle the Zoom integration to on.

Once this is set, web conference calls will be recorded with the Gong bot as follows:

  • The bot is added to the Zoom call from the waiting room and recording must be approved by the call host.


  • Zoom plays an audio prompt informing participants the call is being recorded.

  • The Zoom consent page to record is displayed  to all participants when the bot is added to the call.

  • For calls hosted by a third party, the host must approve recording the call.

  • If the host is absent from the call, the call will not be recorded.

  • The recording icon is displayed in calls that are recorded.

Install the Zoom Meetings - Recording Bot app

Reps who regularly host calls may prefer to automatically enable recording with the Gong bot and not expressly give permission at the start of each call. In addition, they may want calls recorded even if the host does not join the call.

We’ve set up the Zoom Meetings - Recording Bot app so that when the call host is in your organization:

  • Recording is automatically initiated by the bot when it joins the call and does not need to first be approved by the host.

  • When a waiting room is used, the host must allow the Gong bot to join the meeting before recording can start. To pause the recording, the host moves the Bot to the waiting room and brings it back to start recording again.

  • The host no longer needs to be on the call in order for the bot to record the call.

  • We recommend setting this up as well as setting up native Zoom recording, as in the following cases the Gong bot will record conversations even if you have native Zoom recording set up:

In addition:

  • The audio prompt and consent page are displayed to notify participants the call is being recorded.

  • Calls hosted by a third party still need the host to approve the call recording.

Note that automatic approval to record calls only applies to calls set up by people in your organization.

Installing the app

You must be a Zoom and Gong admin to install the Zoom Meetings - Recording Bot app. To install the app:

  1. Go to the Zoom meetings - recording bot page in the Zoom marketplace and click Add.

  2. Click Allow.

Configure Zoom settings

The following settings should be set by your organization’s Zoom admin for all Gong users.

  1. In Zoom, go to Settings > Recordings.

  2. Make sure Record to computer files is toggled On.

  3. Make sure Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record on their computer is toggled On.

  4. If you have installed the Zoom Meetings - recording bot app, the Only users in your account can request to record to computer files can be toggled On or Off. If you have not installed the app, this setting must be toggled Off for Gong to record calls with the bot.

Configure automatic recording in Gong

To set up automatic approval to record:

  1. Go to Company settings > Data capture > Web conferencing.

  2. Ensure Zoom is toggled to record and click Settings on the Zoom row.

  3. In the Record with Gong bot section, click Connect auto-approve recording. This opens the Gong auto-approve recording app. Click Allow to complete the integration. The call host will no longer be asked to approve recording by the Gong bot.

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