Set up Engage for reps
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Set up Engage for reps

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat, designed to drive high-quality engagement with prospects and customers. It provides context for personalized messaging, task prioritization, and AI-based recommendations. Engage can be used with Salesforce or HubSpot. To get started, ensure calendar and email connections, set a forwarding number, update scheduling links, add Chrome extensions, configure notifications, and explore Engage features like prioritizing sources, automating outreach, and accessing Gong Academy courses for SDRs and AEs.


Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

Gong Engage is designed to help you drive high quality engagement with the right prospects and customers. Get all the context you to easily create personalized messaging, prioritize your tasks, and utilize AI-based recommendations, all in one place. You can use Engage with either Salesforce or HubSpot.

If you're new to Engage, this article will help you get started.

1. Check that your calendar and email are connected

Click on your username and go to My Settings. Check that Calendar meetings are being imported. If they're not, talk to your admin.

Next, check that Emails are being imported. If not, talk to your admin.

By giving Gong permission to write emails, the emails you compose in Gong are integrated with your email client (Gmail or Office365) and sent directly from them. This means sent emails and draft emails that you work on in Gong appear in your email client.

How to give Gong permission to write emails in My Settings

2. Set your personal forwarding number

Setting your own forwarding number allows people to call you back.

How to set your forwarding number in My Settings

3. Update your scheduling links

Having scheduling links on hand makes it easy to incorporate them into your emails. You can incorporate scheduling link variables in email templates so they'll populate automatically.

How to update your scheduling links in My Settings

4. Add scheduling extensions to Google Chrome

If you're using Gong in Google Chrome, adding scheduling extensions allows you to schedule meetings right from Engage's email composer.

  1. Open Gong in Google Chrome

  2. Download the Chili Piper and/or Calendly Chrome extensions

  3. Log in to your Chili Piper and/or Calendly accounts

  4. Now you can access these extensions from within the Engage email composer.

5. Configure your Engage notifications

To help you stay on top of your new and open to-dos, Engage sends you a summary once a day. You can choose when and where you want to receive it.

How to configure Engage notifications in My Notifications

6. Learn about Engage features

Now that you're set up in Engage, you're ready to get started and explore other features.

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