Why use Gong Engage?
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Why use Gong Engage?

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Gong Engage requires an Engage seat for reps looking to streamline sales tasks. It offers AI-driven automation, personalized email suggestions, and centralized workflows. Users can integrate with Salesforce or HubSpot, access account context, track performance, and automate outreach. The platform helps identify key call information, log details, and sync data with CRMs. Users can take notes, track prospect actions, and integrate Engage into email and CRM systems. The tool enhances productivity, provides actionable next steps, and improves engagement at scale. All users, including admins, require a license to access Engage.


Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

Spending too much time on manual tasks?

We can relate. Gong Engage is your sales engagement solution that helps you easily prioritize, personalize, and automate your account-based outreach, so you can quickly move those tasks forward and focus more on selling.

Jumping between tools?

Engage centralizes your workflows for a user-friendly experience. Everything from collaborative note-taking to rep performance tracking to updating your CRM can be accomplished without leaving Gong. You can use Engage with either Salesforce or HubSpot.

With Gong Engage, you can:

Increase productivity with AI-driven automation and guidance

  • Get a list of your most critical next steps: In To-dos, see tasks from all of your accounts that you can action right away, including AI-based tasks, tasks related to sales flows, and tasks you can create yourself.

  • Personalize or rephrase your emails in a click: Wherever you write an email from, whether you’re sending out a one-off or actioning a to-do, you can get personalized recommendations to help improve your messaging. Plus, everything is synced with your email client. See what other reps across your org are sending, get inspiration from influencer templates, and see any past interactions between your org and your prospect, all without leaving the email composer.

  • Save time and automate your outreach at scale with flows: Once you've set up a flow and added people to it, Engage will remind you when it's time to take the next step by automatically surfacing a to-do in To-dos. Plus, we'll show you which flows are performing best, so you can reuse them over and over again.

  • Use AI to identify the most important information from calls: Call spotlight gives you easy-to-scan briefs including key highlights and action items that make follow-up emails a breeze.

Drive engagement at scale, all in one place

  • Get complete account context in a single view in Accounts and see who the relevant people are, past account activity, and to-dos related to each account.

  • Filter and search for any contacts and leads in People, and manage flows per person or in bulk.

  • Move deals forward and view/edit CRM fields in Pipeline. Click on an individual deal in Pipeline to customize which CRM fields you want to see, and update their values. You can also update your CRM from call pages for calls that have at least 1 AI-generated to-do.

  • Improve your success rate by understanding key metrics: In Analytics, managers can track reps’ performance and understand how different calls, emails, and flows convert in order to scale best practices and deliver higher quality engagement.

  • Call people directly from Gong: Hover over someone’s name, click on their name to open person view, or action a call task from the To-dos page to open the Gong dialer. The Gong dialer uses AI to automatically log call details. Information about the calls can also be synced back to your CRM.

  • Take notes while on a call, or whenever you come across information you want to keep track of: Create and read notes in Accounts, People, or To-dos. Link notes to specific accounts and people so you and your team have full context when referencing the note later.

  • Know about any cues that might indicate interest from your prospects: Digital interactions let you know about actions the prospect took, such as filling out a survey or clicking on a link in an email. These actions come from more than 120 integrations available in Gong. See them in To-dos, indicated by a lightning bolt.

  • Integrate Engage into your email and CRM experience: Install the Gong Extension for Google Chrome to generate impactful sales engagement directly from your favorite tools, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs to complete critical tasks across Gmail, Salesforce, and more.

Learn about how Engage helps you comply with spam regulations and set up for successful email delivery.

There is only one type of seat for Engage, so anyone who wants to access Engage needs a license, including admins.

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