Review manager coaching
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Review manager coaching

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Where to go? Coaching > Coaching Metrics

Get a side-by-side view of how your managers are coaching. See coaching stats per manager for coaching done with their direct reports, see how their coaching frequency is trending, and drill down to see which calls they've coached, Data doesn't include coaching done with people who aren't on their team).

Download coaching data

  1. Select a team: Select the senior manager whose coaching activities you want to monitor.

  2. Select manager level: Select whether you want to see all managers that roll up to the senior manager, only their direct reports, or only level 1 managers (for example, frontline managers).

  3. Select the time period for the report and the types of calls.

  4. To download coaching metrics:

    1. Click More-menu.png > Download CSV.

    2. Choose whether to export the current view, or the current view plus all call-level data that was used to calculate the current view values. See  for more information.

    3. If you want to include managers, click Show management hierarchy in the report.

    4. If you want to include CRM fields, click Include CRM fields.

      This option is only available when you select All call-level data used to calculate the current view.

    5. Click DOWNLOAD.


The data shown in the Coaching Metrics tab reflects when the coaching activity took place, not when the call occured.

Review coaching

We show the following data for manager coaching:

  • Calls listened: Total number of team calls the manager listened to (includes calls listened to live).

    This counts the number of calls listened to, not the number of times someone listened to a single call.

    Once someone listens to a call, it's counted. We don't count the call again, even if the same person listens to it again, even after significant time has passed.

  • Calls attended: Total number of team calls the manager participated in.

  • Calls with feedback: Total number of team calls the manager gave any type of feedback for.

    This count is for the number of calls with feedback, not the number of times feedback was given on the same call.

  • Calls with comments: Total number of team calls with comments given by the manager (regardless of whether the comment counted as feedback).

  • Calls with scorecards: Total number of team calls with scorecards filled out by the manager.

  • Marked as feedback: Total number of team calls the manager marked as feedback given.


Click the column headers to sort the data in the table.


Hover over the numbers next to the manager name to see how many direct reports they have, and how many people roll up to them in total.


See trends in the cells: green for an upward trend; and red for downward. The difference from the last period is also shown.

Use coaching metrics to coach managers

Here's a few tips to encourage your frontline managers to coach their team:

  • Talk to each manager and understand why their numbers are high or low, and see if there needs to be a change in how they coach or log coaching

  • Maybe your managers are attending too many calls or not listening to enough - evaluate how they can sharpen shared insights with their teams

  • Remind your managers of the different ways they can track their coaching - by leaving comments, scoring calls, or marking offline feedback

  • Help managers become better coaches by focussing coaching on common themes such as the ideal pitch, how to give a demo, how to answer difficult questions, and so on.

View the calls behind the metrics

  1. Click any cell in the table to see which calls were included in the number.

  2. Click GO TO CALL to go to the call page where you can listen to the call, review it, give feedback and more.

Want this info pushed to your inbox?

Ensure a consistent coaching culture by keeping a close eye on how managers are coaching with an email digest, directly to your unbox.

The monthly email digest includes a quick summary of how managers of quota-carrying reps have been coaching in the last month, and gives an indication of the team's coaching trends.

Higher-level managers will automatically receive monthly email digests for their managers. In addition, you can sign up for the digest for any team:

  • In the Coaching Metrics tab, click More-menu.png > Manage subscriptions.

    Once subscribed, you can manage your digests in your notification settings.


Your org must have a CRM integration in order to receive the mail.

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