See who's giving feedback
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See who's giving feedback

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The Calls with feedback metric tells you how much feedback each person has given. To learn what counts as feedback, see this.

Note: The calls with feedback metric is shown specifically for managers in Coaching metrics. Learn more.


Why am I seeing discrepancies in the numbers?

Some of the metrics shown in the Gong usage tab may appear contradictory at first glance, but this is typically because the count differs between events.

For example, if you're seeing a difference between the number of calls with feedback and the number of calls with comments, this is because we don't count comments where more than one person is tagged as feedback (because it's unlikely that the comment was intended to be feedback).

How many times do you count feedback per call?

Although there are different ways of giving feedback, once any kind of feedback is given on a call, it is counted as a call with feedback. Additional feedback on the call is NOT counted. So, if a call has both a feedback comment and a scorecard, the call is counted once.

In the example below, Ian Duman has given feedback on 41 calls. He's made comments on 39 calls, scored 15 calls, and marked 4 calls with feedback given. Therefore, we know Ian has left more than one type of feedback on many of the 41 calls.


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