About managing team members
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About managing team members

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Who can do this: Tech admin

Where to go: Click Company settings > Team members

Team members can be managed manually or using automatic provisioning. If you set up automatic provisioning, it's preferable to manage your team member details in the IDP, because if you update fields manually they may be overwritten when your IDP syncs with Gong. For details how to set up automatic provisioning, see Provisioning team members.

In the Team members page, you see a hierarchical list of all the team members in your organization, a summary of their Gong settings, and a summary of how many seats the company has.

Use this page to perform tasks such as updating your team members’ permissions, seats or data capture settings.

The team member table includes the following:




Team member's name and position at the company


Which seats are assigned to the team member

G = Gong seat (Professional or Enterprise, depending on your company's plan)

F = Forecast seat

E = Engage seat

Seats displayed in green indicate that they are active for the team member. Gray indicates that the seat is not.


Which data capture capabilities are enabled for the team member.

data_capture_web_conference.png: Web conferencing calls are recorded

data_capture_meetings.png: Meetings are imported

data_capture_phones.png: Telephony calls are imported

data_capture_gong_connect.png: The team member can make recorded calls via Gong Connect, Gong's mobile app for iOS

data_capture_emails.png: Emails are imported

The icons are color coded as follows:

  • Green: Data is captured and being imported into Gong

  • Yellow: Data is configured to be captured, but there is a problem and it's not being imported into Gong

  • Red: Data is configured to be captured, but there is a technical error and it's not being imported into Gong. Typically, you will need to contact Gong support to resolve issues where the icon is red.

  • Grey: Data is not being imported

  • Black: Data is never imported for this team member

If your data isn't being imported to Gong, see Troubleshooting email and calendar import errors.


This is the team member's default workspace. Calls are automatically saved in this workspace.


Name of the permission profile that's assigned to the team member. See About permission profiles


Name of the automatic provisioning group that the team member belongs to. See Provisioning team members


Whether the team member has access to the Company Settings page. Technical administrators can control a company's settings in Gong. In smaller companies, the tech admin may be the VP of Sales or sales ops. In larger companies it may be someone from IT who sets up integrations. These people may not use Gong in their daily work, but they set it up for others.


Shows whether interviews the team member coordinates are recorded or not


The consent file assigned to the team member. Used to define how they get consent for recording calls.


If your configuration prohibits manual editing of team member settings, refer to this FAQ question: How do I change team member settings when manual changes aren’t allowed?

Actions for teams

In the Button____1_.png menu, you can do the following: 

  • Resend invites to connect users: invites users to connect their email and calendar to Gong. 

  • Turn on email import for users currently recorded: updates all recorded users so that their emails are imported to Gong. 

  • Export to CSV: exports the team members list to a CSV file.

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