Capture mobile calls with Gong Connect
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Capture mobile calls with Gong Connect

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Gong Connect is a VoIP service within the Gong mobile app. It works with either Wi-Fi or cellular connections. Calls are automatically recorded and ingested into Gong, so whether you're an account executive or a frontline manager, you can get the full picture of deal activity for efficient pipeline reviews.

Make outbound calls from the Gong app to prospects any time and never miss key information or next steps when you're on the go.




Outbound calls are supported on iOS devices only (support for Android devices is coming soon) and for organizations with a CRM integration: Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Set up Gong Connect


This feature must be enabled by your Gong tech admin before you see it in your Gong mobile app for iOS. If you can't see it, it means that either your admin didn't enable Gong Connect for you yet, or that your phone is an Android.

To use Gong Connect, you must first complete a short verification procedure:

  1. Download the latest version of the Gong mobile app for iOS.

  2. Tap the Calls button on the bottom bar.

  3. In the welcome screen, tap LET'S GO, and follow the registration wizard.

  4. Enter your personal mobile number and tap NEXT.


    Your personal number is only used for the one-time verification, and then to present it as your caller ID. Gong will not use your number for any other purpose.

  5. Make sure you entered the correct number, and tap YES, NEXT.

    A code is now displayed on screen, and a bot will call you to retrieve the code.

  6. When you're called, give the code shown on the Gong Connect screen.

    Once you are successfully verified, you can start making calls.

Make a call

  1. Tap the Gong Connect call button gong_connect.png.


    Only calls made via the app will be recorded by Gong

  2. To call, do one of the following:

    • Find the contact in your contact list or recent call log.


      All contacts available in your connected CRM are available in Gong Connect. Gong extracts them from the CRM as well as email exchanges you've made.

    • Free dial dialer_icon.png.


      Gong Connect supports many phone number formats. In all formats, you must include the country and area code, for example: +1(555)555-1234


      If you free dial, the call can be recorded, but will not be connected to a specific account or opportunity in your CRM.

  3. During the call you may mute yourself, use the speaker, use the dial pad, and cancel the recording.


    Canceling the recording permanently deletes it

Update contact details

To update a contact's details, search for an existing contact, tap their name, and then tap Edit to edit their details or delete them. Note that the contact is updated in Gong, but this change will not be synced to your CRM.

Call trust protocols

In the US and Canada, protocols are in place to protect people from illegal robocalls and call spoofing. These protocols may result in unidentified numbers being classified as spam. For suggestions on how you to improve the likelihood that the calls you make via Gong Connect go through, see this.

Call recording regulations


Call recording regulations vary per country and state, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with local regulations for obtaining the consent of your call participants to record the call.

In the US, some states require more than one party's consent to record a call. Since recording regulations differ between US states, we recommend that you announce that the call is being recorded at the beginning of every call. When calling with the Gong dialer, Gong plays a reminder before the call connects, prompting you to inform the other party that the call is being recorded.

You can always cancel or delete the recording during the call.

In addition, your company has set different recording methods for different regions. For US calls, these settings may vary per state.


How much does the Gong Connect service cost?

Gong Connect is free of charge.

Do we have to have a CRM integration?

Yes. Gong Connect brings in contacts from your CRM to make sure that all Gong Connect calls are correctly associated with the right account

Can I call contacts stored on my phone via the Gong mobile app?

At the moment, you can only call CRM contacts that are in Gong via the Gong mobile (there is no connection between your phone contacts and the Gong mobile app.)

Can I free dial via the Gong mobile app?

Yes, you can free dial from Gong Connect, in the Gong mobile app, and this call can be recorded by Gong.

What’s my caller ID when I call someone?

During the open beta, the caller ID will be your current mobile phone number. Anyone you call can recognize your phone number, and won’t be able to see that you called via another dialing app.

How do you handle recording consent?

Some US states require more than one party's consent to record a call. At the beginning of the call, Gong reminds you to inform the other party that the call is being recorded. You can always cancel and delete a call recording during the call if consent was not given. 

In addition, your company has set different recording methods for different regions. For US calls, these settings may vary per state.

Are international calls supported?

Yes, international calls are supported.

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