Intro to Activity
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Intro to Activity

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Activity allows users to view previous and upcoming meetings. Managers can track team activities and offer support, while reps can plan ahead and collaborate. Users can change dates, teams, and view call details. The platform integrates with calendars to display scheduled calls, and users can connect their CRM for additional call information. FAQs address common issues like missing team members or empty schedules. Users can adjust settings to view specific call types and ensure all calendars are connected for accurate information. Contacting business admin can resolve access or visibility issues within the platform.

Go to Activity to see previous and upcoming meetings. If you're a manager, see what's happening with your team, and identify calls you can support. If you're a rep, see your upcoming calls and those of your colleagues, so you can plan ahead and collaborate.


What you can do from Activity

  • Change the date: Use the < > arrows to move backwards and forwards in the calendar.

    Click TODAY to return to today's date.

  • Change the team: Enter the team manager's name to see that team's schedule.

  • Show short calls: By default, we'll hide calls that are shorter than 2 minutes. If you want to see them, turn this toggle on.

  • See account details: Hover over an event to see the full opportunity details.

  • See call details: Click the event to see the call details. From here you can:

    • See the account: Click Go to account to go to the account page.

    • Join a call: To join a live call as a participant, click Join.

    • Listen in to a call: To listen to a live call like a "fly on the wall", click Listen in.

    • Go to the call: If the call already happened, click Go to call to go to the call page.

    • Delete meetings not scheduled for recording

    • Listen later: Add the call to your to do list to listen to later.

  • See email activity: Click the bar at the bottom to see all emails sent or received between your rep and their accounts - kind of like a digest of daily email activity - to get a richer view of what everyone's working on.

  • Zoom: Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out and get a clearer look at overlapping meetings or an overall view.

Make sure you're connected

  • Activity shows your scheduled calls. Make sure your and your team's calendars are all connected. (Instructions for Google Workspace and Office 365)

  • Get the most out of your calendar: Make sure your CRM is connected to Gong to see information about the call: account name, amount, stage, & close date.

  • If your organization uses telephony systems, you'll see additional data for past calls only. That's because the calls are brought into Gong after they've taken place.


Why can't I see Activity?

Contact your business admin and make sure that you're set up to view Activity in your permission profile.

What's displayed in the calendar?

Scanning your calendar

If Gong is set to integrate with your calendar, we scan your calendar every 15-30 minutes and bring in meetings happening in the next 12 weeks.

What you see in Activity

Depending on your company settings, you can expect to see:

  • Meetings, both those set to be recorded and those that are not

  • Calls in the past where recording was skipped

  • Telephony system calls imported into Gong

  • Imported emails

What meetings are not displayed in the calendar?

Calendar invitations sent to a mailing list do not appear in an individual's calendar and so they aren't imported to Gong.

What if someone in my team isn't set to be recorded?

If you have a team member who isn't set to be recorded but is included in recorded calls, you'll see those calls in their calendar on Activity.

What does it mean if someone's schedule is empty?

Someone's schedule may appear empty for a variety of reasons; for example, if they haven't connected their calendar to Gong. We suggest checking with the team member, and if everything seems to be set up, contact your technical admin.

It looks like the red line is in the wrong place.

The red line shows you the current time, so you can see what's happening right now. Check your timezone setting in your profile if you think the current time is off.

Someone on my team is missing from Activity. What can I do?

Contact your business admin, who can check and update the team hierarchy.

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