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The content explains the different sections and settings available in the user profile on Gong. The "My Profile" section displays key information about the user, such as name, email address, phone number, and time zone. Users can update their cellphone number, time zone, and locale. The "Languages spoken during calls" section allows users to set the languages for transcripts and insights. The "Workspace and permission settings" section shows the permission profiles assigned to the user for each workspace, determining access to calls, library folders, and editing capabilities. The "Recording settings" section includes options for recording meetings and associating personal meeting URLs. Users can also connect to Microsoft Teams as their default web conferencing system. Lastly, users may be prompted to opt into voice identification if their organization requires it.

Where to go: Click your username > My Profile

This is where you’ll see key info about your profile in Gong.

Most of the information is predefined for you, but there are some areas that you can set for yourself. If you add or update any information here, click Update to save your changes.

Personal details

See info including your name, email address, phone number and time zone. Most of these elements will already be set for you, though you can update your own cellphone number, time zone and locale.


Locale is a set of parameters that defines regional settings, and includes things like language, when the week starts, the number and currency formatting, and more.

Languages spoken during calls

Gong supports 70+ languages, many of which are automatically detected, so you get transcripts and insights in the correct language. Languages that we've recently added need to be set in advance, so that Gong detects them for your calls.

Read more about languages you need to set in advance, and how to do it, here.

Workspace and permission settings

This section details the permission profiles that have been assigned to you for each workspace in your organization. The permission profile is set by your admin and includes:

  • The calls you can access (all calls, only your calls, your team's calls, your manager's teams' calls, and the calls of everyone under your manager).

  • Which library folders you have access to

  • Whether you can create, edit or remove folders and streams in the Company Library or Your Library

  • Whether you can add or remove calls in the Company Library or Your Library

  • Which pages you can access.

For more details, see About permission profiles. Only admins can set these up.


If your access to calls is restricted, you will see all calls on the Calls page, but when you click a call you don't have access to, you won't be able to open it.

Recording settings

The settings here relate to how you record meetings. For example, if your company has enabled the Gong consent page to obtain participants' consent to be recorded, you'll see the dynamic link for that page here. You'll also see the link for your static personal consent page and Zoom personal room meeting link here.

Under Associated meeting URLs, you can enter your personal meeting URL so Gong can associate any call recorded with this URL to you. If you use more than one type of web conferencing system, place each URL on a new line.

Connection to Microsoft Teams: Connect to Microsoft Teams if this is your default web conferencing system. For more information about setting up Microsoft Teams, see Microsoft Teams for consent.


If you make any changes to your profile settings, click Update to save them.

Voice identification

If your org wants you to opt-into voice identification, you'll be prompted to do so here.

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