Intro to the libraries
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Intro to the libraries

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Use the libraries to save, collect, organize, and share calls. You can automatically collect specific types of calls using streams, and get notified when relevant new calls occur. Create folders with calls and call snippets you want to watch again and share them with your colleagues. Access calls that your colleagues want you to listen to.


Your library

Your library contains folders and streams that you create, and folders and streams that have been shared with you. You can share these items with other people and teams, or keep them private. Some examples:

  • Create streams for calls when competitors are mentioned

  • Create streams for calls in which new methodologies or products are mentioned

  • Create a folder with sales sync calls for your team

  • Share a folder with snippets of objection handling for team members that need coaching in this area

  • Share a folder with your manager with calls relating to your recent wins

Company Library

Company library contains folders with content for all teams in your company. For example:

  • The Director of Sales Enablement wants to share best-in-class calls for onboarding and training.

  • The VP of Product wants new hires across the enterprise to listen to calls that cover your product’s competitive edge.

  • The Director of Marketing and want to share their presentation about the new marketing strategy with the Sales and Customer Success teams.

Note: Learn more about using the library here. Dive deeper with this course from the Gong Academy.

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