Install the Gong for Outlook add-in (individual)
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Install the Gong for Outlook add-in (individual)

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Install the Gong for Outlook add-in to drive consent page adoption, and to be able to use dynamic links. Schedule meetings using the consent page link directly from Outlook Calendar. The add-in supports Outlook 2013 or later on Windows, Outlook 2016 or later on Mac, and Outlook on the web.

When requiring individual installation, the following two tasks should be performed by all recorded team members in your organization.

1. One-time set up

  1. Make sure that the consent page is enabled in the individual's consent profile.

  2. Go to the Gong for Outlook page in Microsoft AppSource, and click GET IT NOW.

  3. In the terms confirmation window, click CONTINUE.

    Gong for Outlook is added to your account.

  4. To get started with the add-in, click Open in Outlook Web, and open your calendar.

  5. Click New event to create a new meeting.

  6. In the three dots menu in the actions bar, click Get add-ins.

  7. Locate Gong for Outlook and on the Gong for Outlook page, click Add.

  8. After the add-in is added, close the add-in windows to return to your event.

  9. Check the Gong for Outlook add-in now appears in your event actions bar.

2. Add the consent page link when scheduling a meeting

  1. Click New event to create a new meeting.

  2. Click the Gong for Outlook button in the actions bar, and then click Add a Gong meeting.

  3. If asked, sign in to Gong.

    The link to the consent page is added to your meeting invite.

  4. When you're ready, send the invitation.

    When your participants click the link when joining the meeting, they're taken to the consent page, and asked to consent to be recorded. Provided they give their consent, they are redirected to join the meeting. If they do not give consent, they can join the meeting, but Gong does not record the call.

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