Set a call as private
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Set a call as private

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When conversations cover sensitive subjects, you may want to keep them private. You can do this by making the call private when you schedule it in the calendar, so that Gong doesn't record it at all, or by setting a recorded call to private.

If you set a recorded call to private, it can be seen by people at your company, but is only accessible to the call owner, internal call participants, and specific people who the call owner shared the call with, through shares or comments.

Set call as private in the calendar

When you set the visibility of a calendar event to private, Gong can't access event data, so Gong can't record the call.

  1. When creating the calendar event to schedule a meeting, follow your normal workflow for adding invitees, meeting URL, and description.

  2. Under the calendar visibility field, select Private.

Set call as private in Gong

In Gong, you can set calls that you own as private, either before or after the call. The ability to set a call as private is set in the permission profile. If you don't have this capability and think you should, contact your Gong admin.

By default, a private call can only be seen by the call owner and any other internal participants on the call. The call owner give access to additional people by sharing the call either internally or with customers.

Regardless of a call's privacy setting, all calls are used in stats and analysis, such as trackers and deal warnings. The existence of private calls is visible to everyone on all pages. People who don't have access can see when the call occurred, and who the owner is.

To set a call to private in Gong:

  1. Before the call: In the Gong homepage, click  VIEW UPCOMING CALLS. Next to call you want set as private, click  More-menu.png >  Set call as private.

  2. After the call: In the call page, click  More-menu.png in the top right corner and select Set call as private.

To set a call to private, do the same action, and select Set call as public.


Who can access a private call?

When a call is set as private, team mates who were on the call and use Gong can access it. The call owner can share access with other people both internally and externally.

Who can share a private calls?

Only the call owner can share and give access to calls they have set to private. They can do this:

  • Internally: By mentioning specific people in a comment, requesting feedback, and sharing from the call page.

  • Externally: By sharing the call.

What does someone without access to the private call see?

In all places where the call is visible, people without access can see the call exists with limited information (call owner, time and date of the call). They can use this to reach out to the call owner for access.

How do I request access to a private call?

Reach out to the owner, and ask them to share the call with you. The name and email address of the call owner is always visible.

Can I comment, score, or request feedback on a private call?

Only people with access to the private call can comment, score, or request feedback on it.

Can I tag someone on a private call if they don't have access to it?

If you're the call owner, you can tag someone and thereby share the call with them. If you’re not the call owner, you can only tag people who already have access.

If I embed a private call in a 3rd party app, who can access the call?

Only people with access to the call can access it via the 3rd party app.

Will I see private calls in stats and other metrics?

Yes, even though the call is private, its data is counted. The content of the call is hidden in Gong, but it is used for metrics such as deal warners, trackers and more.

Can I add a private call to the library?

Yes, of course. Note that only people with access to the call will be able to access it. Other will see info about the call, but won't be able to access it.

Where can I see how many calls have been set to private?

This info is in the call data CSV file. To access it, go to the Conversations page, filter by person, data, whatever you like, and download the CSV.

I'm using Gong data for reports. Will I see data from private calls?

We provide an indication if a call is private, e.g. as a parameter on the API payload. Using this parameter, you can choose whether or not you want to use private call data as part of your reporting.

What alternatives are there to setting calls as private?

Setting a call as private is useful for calls with sensitive content that you want to save in Gong, but restrict to participants and selected others.

If you have a high volume of calls that you want to set as private, it may be better to use permission profiles (to restrict access by your org hierarchy) or  workspaces (to restrict access by use-case, region, or other).

If you have another use case that you want Gong to support, let us know!

If I set my calendar meeting to private, then the call is private in Gong, correct?

No. The calendar privacy setting determines whether or not the call is recorded by Gong. The calendar privacy setting has no influence over the Gong privacy setting.

Only calls set to private in Gong are recorded and private. This can be done either via the homepage (upcoming calls) or the call page (recorded calls).

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