View upcoming calls
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View upcoming calls

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In the homepage Conversations widget, click View upcoming calls to see upcoming meetings that are set to be recorded by Gong.

You can see:

  • My calls: All the calls you are hosting or registered as a participant

  • Team: All the calls your manager or anyone reporting to them will participate in

  • Company: Future calls hosted by your company

Cancel recording

Cancel recording for meetings you don't want recorded. If you are not the host, a message appears giving you the host's details, and you can ask them to cancel the recording.

  • Click More-menu.png > Cancel recording.

Record a meeting

Use this action to reinstate recording for meetings you've cancelled recording for.

  • Click More-menu.png > Record.

Set a call as private

If you don't want others to access a recording, set the call as private in advance

  • Click More-menu.png > Set call as private.

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