Intro to the homepage
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Intro to the homepage

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The homepage of Gong is personalized with widgets based on your role and settings. It includes features like asking AI-generated questions, viewing pipeline deals, managing tasks, tracking forecasts, monitoring team initiatives, and reviewing call conversations. Users can schedule new calls, access live and saved calls, view skipped calls, and stay updated on streams. The Collaboration section notifies users of interactions within Gong, such as comments, mentions, and feedback requests. Announcements and essential tasks are highlighted, along with pro tips for maximizing the platform's benefits.

The homepage is made up of widgets tailored to you, and designed to give you a quick way of jumping to the parts of Gong that are most important to you. What you see on your home page depends on your role, individual settings, and company set up. It may include all or some of the following items:

Ask anything

Ask anything about any deal or account and get AI-generated answers based on recent calls and emails with the selected account. Available for users whose calls are recorded.


See an overview of your pipeline, including how much pipeline you have in open deals and how much of that is at risk.

Engage to-dos

Keep track of everything that's on your plate by previewing your prospecting to-do list.


Always stay on top of your forecast with a quick view of your target, gap to target, and coverage, as well as a handy shortcut to update your number.


Find out if your team is using the right talk tracks; get insights into who has adopted your sales initiatives and who is still catching up.


See all the calls you participated in, plus calls your team and your company made (based on permissions).

The My calls, Team, and Company tabs show live and recent calls, with information such as who participated in the call, and indications if you've listened or there are comments.

Saved calls are here too

Calls you marked Listen later are available here too, in the Listen later tab in this widget.

Schedule new calls

  • Go to more.png > Schedule new recording to manually schedule recording of a web conference call. More info

Live calls

Your live calls appear at the top of your Conversation list, where you can take notes, cancel recordings, and add the call to your Listen later list. If a live call is being recorded, it'll be marked as ON AIR. More on what ON AIR means here.

Skipped calls

Some calls aren't recorded, for example if the meeting didn't take place or when the host switched off the recording at the beginning of the call.

  • Go to more.png > Show skipped calls to toggle whether or not skipped calls are included in these tabs.

    Previously, skipped calls could be found by expanding the tab via a dropdown arrow.


The My streams tab lists the newest calls in streams you are subscribed to. Streams notify you as soon as anything notable happens on a call: it exceeds a time limit, reaches a certain stage, involves specific people, and more. More info


  • The Received tab contains notifications on places in Gong where others collaborated with you:

    • Comments on calls you hosted

    • Any time you were mentioned in a comment on any call

    • Times a call was shared with you

    • Scorecards filled out on you

    • Feedback requests

  • The Sent tab contains a list of actions you made in Gong to collaborate with others:

    • Comments you made on calls

    • Times you mentioned anyone else in a comment on a call

    • Your shared calls

    • Requests for feedback made by you

Dismiss one item or dismiss all

Remove items you've handled by clicking dismiss.png next to individual items, or Dismiss all at the top of the list. Items older than 60 days are removed automatically.


News, events, and more are shown so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in Gong. Note that the name will change for every announcement.

Gong essentials

A short list of tasks to help onboard you to Gong.

Pro tips

A quick tip to help you get the most out of Gong.

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