See the Zoom chat
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See the Zoom chat

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For calls recorded with the native Zoom recorder, public messages in the Zoom chat are brought into Gong alongside the call.

View the Zoom chat

  • On the call page, on the action bar under the call screen, clickMeetingchat to open the Meeting chat.

Collaborate on the Zoom chat

  1. Highlight the message you want to collaborate on and then click Comment.

  2. Make a comment in the usual way.

    The comment is linked to the Zoom chat message.

Turn on/off import Zoom chat

You can turn importing the Zoom chat on/off either for yourself, or your admin can turn it on/off for everyone in your Zoom account.

  • In Zoom, set the Save chat setting to OFF.

Note: Only messages made while the call was recorded are captured by Gong. If the recording was paused, comments made during the pause aren't imported.

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