Record a call with the native Zoom recorder
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Record a call with the native Zoom recorder

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If your org is set up for native Zoom recording, follow these steps for scheduling and conducting your calls.

  1. Ahead of time: In your calendar app, schedule the meeting as you would usually, and use the Zoom add-on to add web conferencing.

    If the meeting is ad hoc, make sure Gong gets involved as per the instructions here.

  2. When the meeting starts: Join the call as you do today.

    Gong starts the recording automatically for relevant meetings. You should see a "Recording" indication in the Zoom window. If you don't see it, click Record in the Zoom window to start the recording.

    Do not stop the recording via Zoom unless you're sure that you don't want the call to be recorded. Meetings that aren't recorded can't be pulled into Gong later.


    To prevent Gong from recording a one-off call, remove the Gong Recorder from your Zoom meeting.

    Rest assured, as long as there's a link to the meeting in your calendar, Gong will follow your org's business rules and import the meeting when it's finished processing.

  3. During the meeting: You can pause or stop and restart the recording in Zoom as needed.

    This can be useful when anything sensitive is discussed or presented.

  4. Back to back meetings: If you have back to back meetings in the same meeting room, (for example, when using your Personal Meeting ID), be sure to stop and restart recording between meetings.

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